Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 6: Nausea

Whelp, it has officially happened. Almost the SECOND I reached the 6 week mark of my pregnancy I started feeling nauseous. Ugh. I haven't thrown up and really most of the time I am more queasy than nauseous. But boy, does it stink. The worst part is that I am focused in on it, of course making matters worst.

My amazing, awesome, beautiful husband has been such a huge help through all of this though. Sunday, the day the nausea struck, I laid down to take a nap and then woke up to find a plethora of goodies. While I was sleeping Kyle went to the store, talked to the pharmacist, and got good tips and drugs for me to help combat the nausea. The goodies included:

-Vitamin B6. Although my prenatal vitamins contain plenty of B6, additional pills are safe to take. Our pharmacist suggested taking 10mg every 4-6 hours.

-Ginger ale. Just like when I was little, the trusty carbonated beverage is great for upset stomachs. The ginger specifically has been proved to help with nausea. Of course when my husband heard that he got ginger ale, and ginger snaps, and ginger supplements... He is adorable.

-Saltines. A LIFE SAVER. Nothing has been sounding good but an empty stomach is the worst thing for nausea. Whole grain saltines are better because they are a complex carb and "last longer" in your system.

-Rest. This one is my favorite. Every website resource I have seen has confirmed my feelings of complete exhaustion being normal, and say "take a nap any time you can". Ummmm OK! Any excuse I have to be able to sleep, nap, lay around... I will take. They also say that you are more likely to be nauseous when you are tired. Working 12 hour days obviously does not allow me to nap much, but the schedule of a nurse is pretty sweet, being that I only work 3 days a week.

Besides the nausea things are going well. We have told a few more people, which is fun. The pregnancy still seems surreal (although the side effects make it VERY REAL). I am excited for my first ultra sound and most excited to tell our parents!