Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our First Family Roadtrip

This last weekend we took our first "real" family road trip down to Nashville, TN. I was born in Nashville, and have a lot of family strewn through middle and east Tennessee, so I always look forward to visits to the capital of country music.

Hopped in the backseat on the way down - she loved that!
Kyle at the wheel. It was weird riding in the back!

My cousin Allison is recently married and a mommy-to-be so we were excited to go visit her and her new hubby. I would have to say the hardest part of preparing for the trip was figuring out what to pack for Little Miss. I didn't want to over pack, or forget something we really needed- but I  must say, I actually think we brought the perfect amount of things. For entertainment we brought a blanket and toys and her johnny jump up. We also brought her Bumbo that has a tray on it to feed in her in, her pack and play, our monitor and her sound machine too.

Saturday we went out to eat for breakfast in a cute little area near Vanderbilt University then headed to Opry Mills outlet mall to walk around. Later that night we grabbed yummy pizza and watched Notre Dame go 10-0.. Go Irish!

Ally and I at lunch
Little Miss helping her daddy pick out something to eat

I was so proud of my little bug, she slept great both nights in her pack and play. And even slept until 7:30 Sunday morning (which would have been 8:30 Indy time!) We put her in the empty spare room with a sound machine and monitor. I am not a fan of sleeping in the same room as her because I feel like we would have to go to bed when we put her to bed (at 8pm) and I'm sure we would be waking each other up (us and her) between all the noises we make. So sleeping in her pack and play, in an empty room, was the way to go!
Auntie Ally at 23 weeks with cousin Jackson!

My cousin Tonja and her family drove in from Knoxville to visit with us as well. Her dad, my dad, and Ally's mom are all siblings. It has been fun growing up with them and sharing life together through out the years. Kyle and I have always said we "want to be parents like Tonja and Steve". Their two boys are well rounded, love to play outside, don't own a cell phone or a game system! They can hold a conversation with you and aren't constantly glued to an electronic device. Model parenting right there!
Took Macy on her first Carousel Ride at Opry Mills

She absolutely LOVED it!
On Sunday we headed down to Franklin, TN, which might be the cutest town I have ever been in, and walked around and grabbed lunch before we hit the road. Tonja was sweet enough to capture a couple of pictures of us that I just love to death.
The two loves of my life in Franklin, TN

Overall, our first family road trip was a success! Macy did great, although 5+ hours in the car may be her max at this point, and it was so nice to escape the daily nuances of homework and housework.
Just us 3. Not a worry in the world.

(( Have to say though-So glad we are FLYING to Texas over Christmas. We had debated driving and now I know that would have been miserable))

So very grateful for this special angel. God is good!!