Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Mommy Must Haves

Now that I have been a mommy for almost 12 weeks, I am in no way an expert, but I have definitely found what works for me and Miss Macy Jane. It took a while to get in the swing of things, but now that we have a system down I think we are doing great!

Before we get to my Top Ten Must Haves... Let's take a moment and ohh and ahh over this angel

Ok, now my Top Ten Must Haves thus far are:
1. A night light
This has really been an important part of our night time routine. When Macy was in my room her bassinet sat right beside my bed and on the wall next to us was a night light. It provided just enough light for me to see her in the middle of night and feed her with out having to turn on a lamp and wake up my husband. When I moved her to her room I took the night light with us and it has been just as helpful. It is plugged in next to the chair I feed her in. That way I don't have to turn on a brighter light that would wake either of us up more than we have to.
The best 5 bucks you will spend

2. My Boppy
It is a lifesaver when it comes to proper positioning while feeding, allowing me to have both hands free (to usually play on phone). Once I am done feeding her I can rest her in it too, allowing her head to still be up with a full belly. Now that her neck is stronger I can sit her in the middle and let her work on her core strength, and we also do tummy time on it. (She prefers that much more than tummy time on a flat surface)

3. Gas Drops
We have been giving Macy gas drops since the day we brought her home. We don't give them with every feeding but definitely before bed each night. Poor little girl can wake her self up in tears with gas, so giving her the gas drops are a must!
(I usually buy the Target brand to save some $$)

4. Pacis and Paci Clips
Macy's favorite accessory (besides her bows, of course) are her cute paci clips. I ordered these from Etsy months before I had her, and I'm so glad I did! It is easier to just clip one on her if we need it, and if not then that's ok too. It is always good to be prepared!

5. Her Activity Gym
Ever since she was about 2 weeks old I have been able to lay her on her mat and get things done. With in the last month she is really starting to interact with it much more. It is so fun to watch her look at herself in the mirror, bat and kick at all of her friends, and grab hold of the little rings. She spends time on this after each feeding during her wake time if we are home. She can entertain herself on this thing for about 30 minutes.
Hanging out with my friends

6. Our Baby Trend stroller
A travel system is a must! It is so convenient to be able to click in her car seat and take her wherever we need to go. Being that we live downtown, we really wanted rubber wheels and a smooth ride. We knew that we would be outside a lot. I also wanted the option to be able to jog with it too -which this one is perfect for. It is everything we could have asked for and if I had do pick all over again I would still choose this combo.
Taking Little Miss for a walk on the canal

7. A travel fan
I bought this beauty from CVS in the summer section. I have sent many other new moms to get one, but unfortunately they have not been able to find it. I also looked online for it too to add a link, but can't find it. This thing is like gold. With the crazy heat we have experienced this summer, I felt guilty taking her on walks because she would get so hot. Also, because she faces the back of the car, she doesn't get much air flow in the car either. Both of those issues were easily solved with this thing. Also, most importantly, the fan blades are Styrofoam so she can hit it with her hands (which she does frequently) safely. It was the best $4.99 I have ever spent!
Macy putting her fan to good use!

8. Her Swing!
As I have said before, we were not going to purchase a swing. Mostly because of space, but I will tell you- we could not live with out it! She takes her best naps on this thing... and we even take it with us places if we know we are going to be there for awhile. (Like our friends' houses). Macy loves this thing... and the best part about it is if she wakes up during a nap she can always fall back asleep in it without any mommy intervention.

9. Our Motorola baby monitor
This is the Cadillac of baby monitors! We were very blessed that Kyle's dad bought this for us, because we would have probably settled for a cheaper monitor. There isn't anything this thing doesn't do. The picture quality is amazing, we can control everything from the hand held screen, and it came with 2 cameras so we have one set up in her room and one in the basement. It is also light weight and easy to throw in the diaper bag if we need to.
10. SwaddleMe sacks
Every night we do the same thing with Macy to prepare her for bed. And one of those things is swaddle her up in a SwaddleMe sack. We have them in pink, zebra and leopard. We always leave one arm out though because she likes to sleep with her arm up by her head. It is nice because we don't have to worry about jammies or blankets. We just put her in one of these and she is ready for the night!
My mommy has a zebra addiction!

I would say that would be the top things that have gotten us through the first 12 weeks. There are other things of course, but these are the must-haves! I will be interested to see how this list changes as sweet Macy gets older.

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's time

It's time. It is finally time to get myself back in shape and lose this baby weight (that I thought was going to magically fall off). I have enjoyed being a new mommy and having this time off work, eating like I was still pregnant, and lounging around holding my presh Macers all day... but the time has come to get back to reality. The reality that I will be starting work soon, the reality that if I don't lose this weight sooner than later it will only get more difficult, and the reality that no, I am not "one of the lucky ones" who looks fabulous immediately after popping out a human being.

The Breakdown:
My weight has always fluctuated in a plus or minus 10-15lb range. I could look at cake and gain 5 pounds, then think about working out and lose it. With that I managed to maintain for the better part of my life in the 130-140lb range. That was until I got married... until I started eating meals with someone each day that could eat whatever he wanted. We ate the same things and, unfortunately, ate about the same amount of things too. So before I even got pregnant I managed to sneak up to about 150lbs. I was fat and happy. So next comes the (unexpected) pregnancy. We definitely wanted to start having a family but first planned on saving more money, take more vacations, and I wanted to lose weight before I got pregnant -knowing that gaining more would only make it worse. Well none of things happened and here I am, 10 weeks post partum, with a mountain to climb ahead of me.

Weight gained during pregnancy: 43lbs ((did I mentioned how much I enjoyed eating my way through my pregnancy?))
Weight lost so far: 23lbs
Weight to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight: 20lbs
Goal weight to lose: 30lbs

30lbs. Ugh, that sounds terrible. I have never had to lose that much weight in my life, and I know it isn't going to be easy. I know that it is going to require to give up things that I like (mostly sweets!) and to be disciplined in every area of my life.

I have 2 weeks before I start back at work and would really like 2 strong weeks of workouts and clean eating. Once I go back I will be working long 12 hour shifts, will be around pitch ins and a McDonald's in our lobby, and will not be able to workout those 3 days. -Which yes, I probably could work out those days, but the thought of having something take up any more of my time after being away from my babe for 12 hours just doesn't seem reasonable. But that does leave me 4 days a week to work out, so I'll take that.

I am not going to go on a "diet" like South Beach or Atkins.. I am just going to eat better. Knowing what to eat isn't hard (veggies=good, fries=bad) the hard part comes in having the will power to make good decisions. For my workouts I will continue to do/finish the C25k program and run more as well as add in some strength training -will probably do Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred a couple days a week. I've also got few blogs that I like to use as inspiration like my friend Brandi's blog. (you should check it out, she's bascially a celebrity!)

Setting this goal is intimidating, because the thought of not reaching it is heart wrenching. I want to be my best self for health reasons, for my husband, to be a good mom -but mostly for ME. So here it goes... Wish me luck as I take on the biggest feat of weight loss I have ever had to endure!

The hubby and I on our honeymoon- weight: about 130
July 2012 -weight: 170