Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Months of Jack Hudson

October 12, 2016
Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz (14%)
Our little guy!

Height: 26.5" (54%)
6 month appt
Diaper Size: Still rocking those size 2s, but on our last box

Clothing Size: 6 months and 6-9 months.

Feeding: Still nursing every 3-4 hours during the day (getting 5 feedings total) and has started eating more purees this month. He seems to like everything that he tries. He is a very messy eater (of course), but does well with the spoon. We have tried giving him soft foods on his tray like bananas and avocado but he is not quite coordinated enough to get them to his mouth very efficiently. Still a great nurser and takes bottles with no issues. Taking 6 oz bottles.
Holds his own bottle now!
Sleeping: Finally switched him from the eat/wake/sleep cycle to two long naps a day which was a game changer for us! He has always been known to take horrible naps but since I have switched him to two longer naps he averages 1.5-2 hr each time. Wahoo! Still sleeping 12+ hours each night. Knock on wood, but unlike his big sister, he has not had any sleep regressions so far. Homeboy has been sleeping solidly through the night since he was 10 weeks old 7p-7a.

Milestones: He officially has cut his two bottom teeth! Luckily they came in about 2 days apart because that was not a fun time in the Regal household. He is also super mobile now, rolling every which way with intention to get what he wants. Starting to scooch forward and occasionally gets up on his knees.
Sweet boy always on the move
Loves: Pulling hair, putting everything in his mouth, rolling/scooting all over, jumparoo and doorway jumper.
Doorway jumper... In the Smokey Mountains!
Dislikes: Waiting for food, being too tired. SO much better in the car this month.
All. The. Heart. Eyes.
Adventures: Took another road trip to Tennessee to meet some of his cousins and his Aunt Erin!
Meeting cousins Bryce and Blaine
What we couldn't live with out: His bunny, small toys, highchair for eating, sissy for entertainment.

Always wanting what Sister has
My Two <3
Oh sweet boy! Happy 6 months!! From what I can tell so far, Brother is very easy going with a sweet demeanor. Besides the crankiness when teething, he is generally always happy and easily entertained. He can last about 15 min per activity before I switch him out. Rarely do I need to hold him through out the day. Car rides are no longer painful, thank goodness! And he seems to have grown out of his evening fussiness. All in all, things are rocking and rolling over and we seem to be in a really good place right now. As sweet as his newborn/early infancy stage was, I am not sad to see it go by. I still can't believe time has flown by and we are halfway to 1!

Went on a safari, spotted a baby zebra I decided to take home!