Thursday, July 14, 2016

3 months of Jack Hudson

Happy 3 months to this sweet baby boy! What a fun month it has been! 
July 12, 2016
Weight: 13.1 lbs

Height: Not sure, will get measured at his 4 month appt next month
Diaper Size: 1 
Clothing Size: 3 months and some 3-6 months

Feeding: Still eating about every 3 hours during the day. Sometimes sooner or longer, usually depending on what schedule I am trying to get him on. Taking bottles just fine, usually eating around 4-5 oz per feeding according to his sitter. Nursing sessions are anywhere between 15-45 minutes. The longest session is typically his last one of the day before bed.
Sleeping: Doing great here! He typically eats last anywhere between 7-8 pm and sleeps through the night until 7:30-8:30 am. He quickly dropped his dream feed and extended his sleep hours this past month, pretty much all on his own. He has been consistently sleeping 12+ hrs for the past 3 weeks. Naps are getting better. I have noticed a lot of time he will still wake around the 45 minute mark but if I leave him in his crib and let him fuss it out he will typically fall back to sleep to the time he is due to eat again. Still sleeping swaddled in his crib for naps and nighttime. Will sleep pretty good in his car seat while we are out and about but otherwise no where else. He is now up 1.5hr and down 1.5hr during the day.
The only time he's ever slept somewhere besides the crib or car seat.. the beach!

Milestones: So many! He is more and more social every day. He loves grabbing at rings and toys and is starting to bring them toward his mouth. Lots of coos and giggles. Rolls over to back every time I put him on his tummy.
LOVES his bouncy seat! He grabs and pulls on the toys so well

Loves: Bouncy seat and play mat. Could spend hours in the bath tub kicking his feet splashing the water, and most of all his MOMMA!
Dislikes: He screams, I mean SCREAMS, when we get him out of the tub and get his pajamas on for the evening. He is really only grumpy when he is tired, but prefers attention already. Starting to fuss when I leave the room or when he can't see me. So I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor next to him during his wake time.
Handsome boy on his first road trip

Adventures: He went on TWO road trips this month! We made a quick trip down to Tennessee and he did awesome! First long car ride and sleeping in a pack and play... and he rocked it! Then we went to Michigan for the 4th of July and once again he was an angel baby. Did great in the car and sleeping/taking naps in the cabin we stayed in. He also started going to an in home daycare last week when I went back to work and has no trouble adjusting to the new place/schedule.

Family shot on our first road trip!

Living the life... taking a bottle on the beach!

These two are seriously TWINS!
What we couldn't live with out: I'd have to say his bouncy seat! He sits in it while we are outside playing with sister sue, while I make dinner, etc and we even took it to the beach and poolside. We've also upgraded to the Halo sleepsack swaddles since he has grown out of his Swaddleme pods. Not sure when we will wean him, but can't live without them right now!

Some of my favorite pics this month:
Brother Bear and Sister Sue

Sweet boy! I'm seriously obsessed!
Those lashes!
I love that he is "all boy" looking