Monday, April 1, 2013

10 Months of Macy

Let the countdown to having a one year old begin! The 10 month mark has kicked me in to full "1st birthday party planning mode" (which helps distract me from the sadness that my baby is growing up so fast)!

As always, Macy Jane has continued to amaze me this month with her ability to learn new things and continually grow in her skills. Her smile lights up any room she is in and we can't go anywhere with out people stopping us to tell us how beautiful our baby is. Swoon. As every mom feels, I truly feel so blessed and lucky we got such a sweet easy going blue eyed baby! Praise the Lord!

10 Month Stats:

March 24, 2013
Weight: Didn't weigh her, but I would guess about 21 lbs
Height: Long!
Loves to stand her shoes.
Diaper size: Officially moved up to size 4
Clothing size: 12-18 months for this long baby
Feeding/Sleeping: Sad to say, but the 2 2 hour naps a day are starting to dwindle in to 2 1ish hour naps a day. I am having a harder time adjusting to that than she is because I still feel like she NEEDS to be sleeping more. She is still sleeping like a champ at night and has pushed her wake up time to 8-8:30 (holla!) As far as feeding goes she has started to despise being fed baby food. She wants to feed herself and always wants whatever we are eating. That can be challenging when we are lazy and just order out so I have been doing my best at having fruits and vegetables and shredded chicken stocked in the house at all times for her. When we are out and about she will eat baby food out of a squeeze packet so that helps. Its so fun to watch her try new foods!
Happy girl feeding herself
Milestones: She has definitely mastered the "pincer grasp" and has TAKEN HER FIRST STEPS! She is cruising around on her feet while scaling furniture, but her main means of transportation is definitely crawling still.
Loves: To be on the GO! She is happiest when she can be on the move, exploring her surroundings. Little momma is a busy body. She also loves to take stuff out of whatever it is in. For example, she loves to empty her drawers or take everything out of the diaper bag. Another thing she loves, that she has always loved, is burying her face into anything that is soft, like a stuffed animal or soft blanked. It is probably the cutest thing ever.
Dislikes: To be held when there is crawling and exploring to accomplish. Still hates getting her faced wiped and she has made changing her diaper a REAL challenge lately!
Adventures: Welp, if you can call burning her arm an adventure, we experienced that this month. She went to the Children's museum for the first time, got her first pedicure (from mommy), celebrated St. Patrick's Day and got to meet the Easter bunny!
What we couldn't live with out: Working on weaning her paci, and leaving it for nap time and sleep time only. So far, she doesn't seemed phased by that. Phew! Still love her sounds machine, soft blankets, and hair bows of course!

First St Patricks Day

Playdate at the Children's Museum

Reach in, take it out, repeat.

LOVED LOVED the Easter bunny!

My whole world.

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