Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Nursery!

The nursery has been put together and I couldn't be happier with the results! It is still pretty bare, we are looking for a bookshelf, we don't have curtains yet, and we also still have a couple things to hang on the walls. After those things are done I will reevaluate what we still need to do. I am not a huge fan of nurseries looking too kiddish, but I think she still needs a little "something" in her room. I have been browsing Pinterest (obviously, like every other woman in the U.S.) and stalking fellow Facebook friends with little girl nurseries, but I am not quite sure what else to do for her nursery. Ideas are welcome!

First we will start with her crib: Love it! So happy with the crib and her awesome Pottery Barn bedding. It is exactly what I wanted! Next is her changing table: above is my mom's painting, which I adore dearly and I am so happy it has found the perfect home!

A look closer shows her changing pad cover... pink zebra -of course!

Here is her dresser and hamper, nothing too exciting:

And our awesome rocking/gliding recliner that we love! We find ourselves sitting in it constantly

Next to the recliner is where I want to put a bookshelf/lamp.

A view from the bathroom:

And a view from the wall her crib is on:

So as you can see it is very simple, but sweet :) Once curtains are up I know it will add a little more color, but I am really not sure what else to do it, if anything at all. What I do know is I am super excited to have a sweet baby girl in that room!


  1. It looks great! Besides curtains and some things on the walls, it looks done to me! Do you have something for above her crib? LOVE your mom's painting! Very special and looks awesome there. If you are in need of wall decor, try Etsy. Tons of cute prints for framing, etc. Maybe one of your favorite bible verses in matching colors framed somewhere? I remember sitting in Holden's room after it was done...just daydreaming about him. :) Such an exciting time!

  2. You should get a collage of Organic Bloom frames for above her crib to put her newborn pictures in : )

    Brittney Maxey