Friday, April 6, 2012

32 Weeks

32 weeks has come (and almost gone). Crazy to think that the countdown can being soon. I must say, it is getting harder and harder to forget that I've got a little person growing inside of me.

Stats thus far:

-Feeling (physically): good! But tired. I really have to think if doing certain things are "worth it" anymore. For example, when I drop something, I usually look at it on the floor for a minute and think to myself, "Hmmm is it really worth bending over and picking that up?" Or when we go to the gas station and Kyle asks me if I want to go in with him to get a drink... I think, "Hmmm is it really worth getting out of the car, and back in for such a short period of time." -the answer is usually no. I also get this weird sharp shooting pain right below my chest, and get out of breath doing minimal things, like talking for too long. Sounds fun, right?

-Working out: which brings me to this lovely topic, working out. I was doing so good during my second trimester when I was feeling great. But I have to admit, I have rarely found the motivation to get up and bust a move. We put the treadmill up when family came to stay (3 weeks ago) and have yet to put it back :-/ Kyle and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather recently though and going for long walks around downtown. I always feel so much better after them, so that has been my new form of "working out".

-Sleeping: Ok. I got a new pillow to help me sleep, not a huge body pillow, but a more reasonably sized pillow. Looks like this:

It is kind of annoying though, having to keep up with it during the night. I am always "aware" of where it is and when I want to turn it over I have to heave it over to the other side of the bed with me. Laying on my back is out of the question so I turn over about every 2 hours (like a good nurse should do) =)

-Dreams: Weird crazy pregnancy dreams! Most recently last night, I dreamt that baby Regal stuck her hand out of my belly so I could hold it. So I was just walking around, holding her teeny tiny hand. Also, in the same dream, she kept laughing and I could hear it. Like a cute little baby laugh. It made me happy.

-Clothes: Definitely all maternity, with a few pieces of my original wardrobe here and there. I am at that point now though that I don't want to buy any more maternity clothes though. 1-They are so expensive! 2-They aren't very cute :( Every time I go somewhere I see a dress or shirt that is super cute and want to stop and look at it. Then I suddenly think, what the heck am I doing, I can't wear this! It is all the more motivation to get my booty back in shape after baby girl comes though, so I can wear all of these cute clothes I see!

-Feeling (emotionally): I can tell my body is preparing me more and more for the baby not only physically, but emotionally too. I find myself just laying there feeling her move and become overwhelmed with a sense of excitement to meet her. My hormones are naturally releasing a "mommy sense" I think. For the first time, I feel ready emotionally for this baby to come. I obviously want her to stay in as long as possible so she can as healthy as possible, but my heart is ready for her to be here.

-Checklists: getting done! We have the nursery (almost) put together... that post is coming soon! We have picked out our pediatrician and we have childcare lined up! It feels good to have those bigger items on the list checked off. I still need get all of her stuff organized, and see what we need still. Wash her clothes, get more diapers. That kind of stuff. I am counting on that "nesting bug" to bite me soon and give the motivation to knock that stuff out of the way asap.

Last but not least, here is a pic of what 32 weeks is looking like:

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