Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Baby Shower

This past weekend we were blessed with a day to celebrate baby Regal! Family came from all over the country (literally) to Indianapolis to help us prepare for our sweet princess. It was so fun to have family here and to show them nursery progress, my growing belly, and we were also blessed with amazing weather!
My girlfriends Cassy, Lindy and Lauren hosted the shower for me. We meet each week for a informal "girlfriend's bible study" and they have been with me through out this whole experience. It so encouraging have good girlfriends to talk to, cry to, and who you know are praying for you! They are also very much like me and knew they could go "all-out" when it came to planning the shower. All I know was it was going to be girly, full of animal prints, and not a detail would be over looked.
First of all... check out these invites!! So. Freaking. Cute.
My Lovely hostesses... Lindy and Cassy...
and Lauren! Who, by the way, is an event planner at Butler University! She is a professional party-thrower and it was so evident at my shower! From the set up, to the flow of the party, everything was perfect =)
Some of the decor: Leopard print and pink!And you can't forget zebra print!
My cake also fell into the fun animal print theme:
How cute is this! And yes, our baby girl's name is Macy Jane. <3
We got so much stuff! We were shocked at the amount of gifts.. and how thoughtful they were! My maternal grandma (Meme) and both my step-grandmas all made handmade blankets. Something that we will cherish forever! Kyle's sister had such a sweet gift idea: she had an outfit for every holiday spanning an entire year. The first outfit was for Father's Day (MJ's first holiday she will be here for) all the way through to next year's Mother's Day. If I could have taken a picture of everything we got I would, but that would take forever :)
Let's just say she got a lot of clothes....
And has her own tu-tu collection started!! We are definitely planning on doing the newborn pics in the pink and grey one.. and the blue one in the back is for football season! Go Colts!
My little baby sis made her niece a bow holder. Came up with the idea on her own, made it her self, and I am so proud of her! I have never seen anything like it, I can't wait to get it hung on the wall!A cute and hilarious gift we got was a stuffed bunny. Growing up I had my bunny, whom I lovingly named, "Bunny". She went everywhere with me, including cheerleading camps and sleepovers (all the way through highschool). My good family friend Teresa knew of Bunny, and decided that Macy girl would need her own bunny. So cute!
There a few things I can take away from our shower weekend. First and foremost, we are so lucky to have such a great support system! Between our friends and family, we just felt so loved! Friends from out of town mailed gifts and cards and family traveled thousands of miles just to be a part of our day. I haven't felt this over pouring of love and support since our wedding!
The other take away is... our baby is going to one little fashionista! Between the outfits and bows, she is going to be DECKED out! No, I will not be one of those crazy moms who wants to wear matching outfits, and I will NOT spend boo-coo bucks on outfits that she will wear, maybe once. My baby will be decked out in Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and sale rack items... just like her momma!
We have another baby shower coming up that two women from our church are throwing. I can't wait for that either! It is so fun getting together with good friends and celebrating the life of our future little girl. Have I mentioned how blessed we feel???

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