Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 39- Slow and Steady

Monday marked the beginning of Week 39 and the excitement/anticipation/anxiousness has really set in!
(Not going to lie, there isn't a picture I like of myself- I feel HUMONGOUS!!)

As I had posted before, I was kind of hoping to get induced by now, but as my body has revealed, baby girl is not quite ready! I showed zero progress between weeks 37 and 38 (including a cry session at the doctor's office) and knew then that the induction at week 39 was not going to happen. I was disappointed -mainly because I am just so ready to meet her! I think all moms-to-be can relate to that feeling this close to the end. Everything is ready, my body aches, I am not sleeping... and I just want her out!

Today's appointment went better though, as I did make a little more progress. My doctor was able to strip my membranes (sounds gross, I know) which can help stimulate the cervix to open up more -and in some cases, actually start labor. I am not expecting that to happen with me (going in to labor) but I am hoping that things start progressing a little more quickly. If nothing happens I go back on Tuesday (they are closed for Memorial Day) to get checked and schedule the induction. At that point I will be 40+ weeks and I am sure will be begging her to do it ASAP!

I am still working, staying busy and even spent Monday doing yard work! Not that there is much to do, living in a townhouse downtown- but I did manage to spend a couple hours pulling weeds, laying mulch, and planting the front porch planters.

Race weekend is one of the best weekends in Indy, one that I have enjoyed (maybe too much) for many years. So if Macy decides not to come, that is ok too, because I will be around all of our friends celebrating the weekend and doing my best to stay out of this heat! Either way I will either be spent inside in the a/c or in the hospital with a baby...But I am really hoping for the latter!!


  1. Ahhh! So exciting! I bet she will be here very, very soon! :)

  2. Macy says, "Let's go racing!"