Tuesday, May 28, 2013

12 Months of Macy

Just when I thought an age couldn't get any better, Macy turned one. She has really grown and matured from months 11 to 12 and this month was full of ups and downs. The only real down was when Macy was really sick for the first time ever. As bad as it was, it was a learning experience and we all made it through together.  I have to say it was my favorite month to date though!

12 Month Stats:

May 24, 2012
Weight: 23 lbs (according to our home scale)
Height: 30 1/2 inches (per my own measurement)
Diaper Size: 3 or a 4
Clothing Size: 12-18 months
Feeding/sleeping: Not much change here. Sleeps 12-13 hours at night and still takes 2 naps during the day, ranging anywhere from 1-2 hours each. Still won't be fed to so she eats a lot of the same food every day (Eggs, turkey meat, cheese, avocado, shredded chicken and strawberries are her main staples). She isn't really interested in a bottle AT ALL anymore, and we pretty much waste around 12 oz of formula a day. Just a sign that she is ready to be done with it.
Milestones: Turning one! Wow oh wow! And I am pretty sure she is saying more words too. She asks for me by name now (heart swoon) and will say No too. Oh man. She will say dada and a few other words too but not consistently. We had an amazing birthday weekend for her full of friends and family (I'll post the deets of her party in a different post). Another milestone we had this month was getting sick for the first time. It was pretty terrible. She ran a really high fever, had an ear infection, a viral rash, and was miserable for about 5 days. The longest 5 days of my life!

How Macy felt about being sick.
Loves: So many things to add this month! She is always exploring new things and one of her favorite things to do now is to turn the lights off on the light switches, press the garage door button to close the door as we are walking in to the house, and turn on her sound machine when it is time for bed. Basically, she loves pressing buttons. She also likes to shut any doors that are open, and flush the toilet (well at least attempt to, she is not quite strong enough to do that yet). She has also started dancing when music comes on which is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER. Another favorite- diving in to laundry baskets and climbing in general. She seems proud of herself once she has made it in.

Caught in the act! (Yes, those are clean clothes)
Dislikes: Doesn't like to be fed to or have her nose wiped -the stuff most babies don't like. There is not much to put on this list.
Adventures: Big birthday weekend!

What we couldn't live without: Good  walking shoes and baby gates. Baby proofing was an absolute must this month!

First Chick fil A experience. She loved it. (duh)
Always taking off exploring her surroundings.

As her hair grows it becomes more and more curly. Presh.

Matching hot pink skinny jeans. Guilty.

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