Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Macy's First Birthday

Macy's first birthday weekend was absolutely amazing. We have so many special people in our life that really loved on her (and us) that weekend. It is definitely a time I will never forget. The weeks leading up to her birthday I had moments were I felt super sappy and would tear up as I reflected on the year that had passed. Obviously, I know that she will have a birthday every year (God willing) and I don't suspect each one will be as emotional as the first. Maybe it will, who knows!

Kyle's dad was the first to arrive on Thursday night. He flew in from San Antonio, TX to spend the long weekend with us. Her birthday being on Memorial Day weekend, it also meant that it fell on race weekend. Being from Indianapolis, we have a little race each year we like to call the Indy 500. It is kind of a big deal. So traveling here that weekend is VERY expensive (flights, hotels, etc) and inconvenient. It was also Game 1 of the Eastern conference finals for the Indiana Pacers. ((Love all of our Indy sports!)) So anyone coming our really had to make a sacrifice to get here.

As soon as Macy woke up on Friday morning (the day of her birthday) I went in and sang her Happy Birthday (on video, however no need to post). We snuggled and played and then Kyle's dad took us out to have a big yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Little known fact to me was that Cracker Barrel sells the stinking cutest baby clothes! I had no idea!

About to chow down on her favorite foods

Sweet hat we found in the gift shop that we had to have!
The rest of the day was spent getting good naps, running errands for the party, and laying low. That evening we went over to my brother's house and hung out with more family that was arriving in to town. My grandparents made the trip up from McMinnville, TN just to see their first great grand baby turn one. So special.

Opening a few early presents from Uncle T and Aunt Carol
Once the evening was wrapping up I was ready to head home and get a good night's rest. Kyle's brother and his wife were driving in from Chicago and would be staying with us so I wanted to be home when they got there. I also just wanted to put Macy down early so she had plenty of rest before her big day- and I needed my beauty sleep too! For some reason my brother and Kyle kept telling me to just lay Macy down there and stay and hang out for awhile. I was getting so frustrated because I was tired and wanted to go home. I couldn't figure out why they weren't being more understanding. Finally my brother told me that a friend of ours was on her way over to bring something that he really wanted me to see. I was so confused but finally succumbed to their insistent wish that we stayed a little longer. About an hour later my brother, along with help from his girlfriend, Kyle and his dad, got me in his living room and told me keep my back turned from them. I was so confused! Finally I turned around and saw family all standing in his living room. I lost it. Hysterically started crying. My dad, step mom little brother and sister had spent the last 14 hours in the car driving up from Dallas, TX to Indy to surprise me for Macy's party. That was the first time in my life I've ever been surprised like that, and for something so special! There were so many reasons why I knew they weren't going to be able to make it. My sister had Taylor Swift tickets for that weekend (her favorite), my step mom had just started a new job the week before, the kids were still in school, etc. They all sacrificed so much to come up here to experience Macy's first birthday with us. Something I will never ever forget.

Kyle and I with my family right after the big reveal.

Between the excitement of their arrival and having a houseful of people, sleep came at a minimal that night. But I couldn't complain because no sleep was worth the joy I had in my heart. Saturday finally came and the day we had been planning for awhile was finally here! My amazing friends, Cassy and Drew, hosted Macy's party at their huge home. We were so appreciative! My theme was chalkboard and bunting in the colors of her nursery- aqua and pink.

The mantel. The chalkboard was so fun to make!

Cake table with a framed picture of her invite

Close up of her chalkboard stats and her monthly pics on a banner

Cake table

Seating and high chair

My beautiful family! (yes we matched the party... on purpose)

My family! Somehow they figured out what we were going to wear and packed to match. Amazing!

Macy and her cake. She hated it. Wouldn't touch it.

Such a ham all day. Presh.

Cassy, the amazing hostess and Lauren, my party planning genius
The party was amazing. We had about 40 friends and family from all areas of our life intermingling and sharing the day with us. My cousin and her kids from Tennessee came up and our friends in Chicago came down- we literally had people from all over the country with us. I wish I had gotten more pictures, especially of everyone that was there but I had no time to hold a camera in my hand. All of these pics were stolen from others.

Macy was of course spoiled with everything from toys to books to clothes. She did great and I was able to lay her down in her pack and play as soon as it ended. Her party was everything I had every hoped it would be, and way more. Even though the decor was exactly how I imagined it in my head we could have had just a cake and it would have been perfect. It was the people in our lives that made it so special. I will make sure that Macy will always know how special her big first birthday was for the rest of her life. I know I will.

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