Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer fun!

My favorite time of the year has finally arrived! I have to say growing up my most fond memories come from the summer months. My birthday is smack down in the middle (July 3) and there is not much else that is better than floating in the water and smelling like sunscreen. Last summer I was off work from May-August which was nice but I didn't get to a lot of the summer activities with a newborn like swimming or vacations. I have loved introducing Macy to new adventures and she has loved it too! So far we have went to Cassy's parents house in Brownsburg that we have lovingly dubbed "The Plantation" and we have had a lot of time at brother's pool too. The Plantation is a sprawling compound that consists of a pool, tons of animals, a movie theater and popcorn maker and the best part- Candy Land! (No, I am not kidding). Macy loves animals and I was not surprised that she was not afraid to stick her hands all in the faces of the horses, chickens and donkeys.
Not a huge fan of the float- she better get used to it!

Bathing suit- Check! Sunglasses- Check! Sun hat- Check!

Meeting the horses. Stuck her hands right in their faces

Loved the chickens too. And we got fresh eggs too :)

Can't forget the donkeys too. Esmeralda and Lyla.

Fun in her own pool at Uncle T's house
We also finally got Macy to her official one year check up. Her stats were a little different than what I had measured. She was 22lbs 4oz and 31 inches long. She got all of her vaccinations and took them like a champ! Cried for about 3 seconds and moved on to bigger and better things- a sucker! Worked like a charm! 
One year check up, doc says I'm "perfect"!
We are looking forward to a summer filled with fun and new experiences for this little pea!

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