Wednesday, July 24, 2013

14 Months of Macy

I couldn't stay away too long from posting all about my Macy girl. I feel like she has changed so much, even from her 1st birthday. No one told me how fun having a 14 month old would be!
Since turning one she has really learned a lot and has become a lot more coordinated.

-She is OBSESSED with her shoes and loves to find a matching pair and bring them to me so I can put them on her. Or she will sit there and try to put them on herself. They don't even have to be her shoes either. Small or large, she is sticking her feet in them. She really likes to carry around a matching pair of anything. Like 2 little people princesses, or 2 sticks of deodorant, 2 tubes of mascara. It is super cute.
-She is in to climbing on top everything too and gets frustrated when she can't make it up to her destination, like the bed or couch. She is really good and matching things and placing pieces where they are supposed to go, like puzzles or shape toys.
-She is a great eater and even better sleeper. For the most part she doesn't wake up until about 7:30 or 8 which has been so nice. There isn't much she wont eat but we mostly stick with the same foods for her each day.
-We only give her her paci at night and for naps and she doesn't seem to miss it all. I don't even bring it out of the house with me anymore so I'M not tempted to give it to her (like when she gets fussy in the car). We turned her car seat around in one of our cars and she loves it! It made me nervous at first but my pediatrician said we could at any time given her size. It made the drive down and back to Nashville, TN a piece of cake! She had her head cocked to the side and was looking out the windshield most of the time (that she was awake)
-She can point to her nose, ears, eyes and her "button" -which of course is the cutest because she lifts her shirt all the way up.
-She loves to laugh whenever other people are laughing and has yet to meet a stranger. She walks right up to other kids or adults in restaurants, stores., etc and starts jibber jabbering away, greeting them with a wave hello or goodbye. She has however learned that the church and gym nursery are now associated with mommy leaving and pretty much starts crying as soon as she sees them. But luckily with distraction of a shiny toy or familiar friend I can sneak out and she is fine.
-Negative side of being 14 months: home girl can have a temper for sure! I think it comes from her frustration of not being able to communicate yet. When toys get stuck or she can't get something she wants she screams. Ugh. I can't wait until she has words to communicate with so we can avoid that.

Here are a few pictures of the last 2 months with Macy girl. I wish it wasn't such a pain to upload videos because there are some pretty hilarious ones.

Sucking on a peach. LOVES loves them! (or nectarines, plums, etc)

Giving herself kisses

More peach eating!

Fun at the park! She LOVES the slide! 

Flexbreak with mommy at the gym. And yes, she is wearing work out clothes- just cuz.

Not so sure about the life jacket at Splash Island. She loved it though!

Learning to love her shades!

Being a good girl at the doctor's office. She loves puzzles!

How could I not post this (semi inappropriate) picture. She literally slept like for 2 hours

There's nothing like having to take your 1 year old to your annual pap. Luckily the sweet nurses kept her entertained!

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