Saturday, July 6, 2013

Holiday Weekend

My absolute favorite time of the year is July 4th/my birthday. To me it is what summer is all about. I have so many fond memories growing up being around family and always thinking these big get-togethers and the fireworks were all for me. The older I get the less excited I get around my birthday but this year I felt really loved! Kyle really went out of his way and was very thoughtful all day.

Even though he had to work on my bday he woke me up with my first gift- a bag of goodies that spoke to my heart. Sunglasses, nail polish, chevron hair ties all that "Macy had picked out"- so cute! He also stocked the fridge with my favorite things so the first thing I did that morning was pour myself a mimosa! Even if the only person I cheers'd with was Macy.

Breakfast of {birthday} champs

Later that day we met my brother's gf Carol to get our toes painted! She offered a pedicure but I knew my time was limited with little miss by my side, so I settled for a polish change. I brought along a peach and put Macy in my lap. We BOTH managed to get our toes painted in a matching hot pink color. I loved it! There is something about little pink toesies that make my heart swoon!
Getting our toes done!

After that I dropped the babe off at her sitter's house, her "Mamaw". Then I headed home and got ready for dinner!I opened the rest of my very thoughtful presents from the hubs then we headed to a yummy restaurant- his choice! (There is nothing I hate more in life than having to decide on where to eat dinner) Delicia in Broad Ripple had a great atmosphere and the food was super delicious!

My sweet sweet hubby!

Great dinner!

When I got home Kyle had surprised me my getting 8 different slices of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. 8. Surprisingly I held it together and only took a few bites from each.
Our famous "?" candle. Its become a family tradish that we use for everyone's bday each  year
Yes. This really happened.
The next day we woke up and headed straight to Mamaw's to pick up Little Miss! After having a relaxing morning we got ready in our Red White and Blue and went over to my brother's house for a cookout, card playing and relaxing.

Love my sweet family of 3.

I can't handle the cuteness. Heart=exploding!
The weather was only o.k. on the 4th. Sprinkling here and there. So for the most part we stayed inside. Around 8 we headed home and I really wanted to keep Macy awake for the fireworks. Now that we've sold our house I knew this would be the last year we would be living downtown. But to my avail, homegirl was EXHAUSTED and there was no way we were going to keep that beast awake any longer. So we laid her down and did what any responsible parents would do. Left her at home sleeping in her crib, locked the doors, and walked down to the corner of our street to catch the show. We had the monitor with us, which didn't pick up where we were standing, but every couple of minutes one of us would walk back towards the house and check on her.

It was kind of romantic just standing on dark street corning with my husband watching the fireworks. Once again a memory made.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday as well!

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