Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

It's been a super crazy time between moving and starting school back up but I'm finally feeling settled. No better way to recap than with a 5 on Friday linkup :)


We are unpacked and loving our new place! Saying goodbye to our first home was bittersweet but the closing went smoothly and we actually love the sweet little home we are renting! It's one story which I love, the neighborhood is fantastic, and the old charm is so different than what we had. The 3 days it took to move everything were absolute torture but once we were settled it didn't seem so bad :)

Saying goodbye to her first home

Nothing like fresh flowers to make your new place feel like home!


I am a mere 8 days out from my first half marathon in 4.5 years. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. This last weekend I ran 9 miles, and it was pretty tough. During the run around mile 7.5 I thought to myself "I am NEVER going to be able to do this" but afterwards I think... ok it wasn't THAT bad. I am hoping the adreniline of all of the people and the new sights will help me push through it. I will run 10 miles this weekend and I am going to make it a "practice run through" by eating what I plan to eat next week in the morning and I am going to try out some GU blocks around mile 7 as well. I have been meaning to try them out earlier than now but sometimes life just happens.

9 miles. Slower than normal. But I did it.

How I have been feeling after my last couple runs. Whoomp whoommp.

Going back to number 1- Can I tell you how much we love our new neighborhood? Even though living downtown we were only 15-20min away, it has been so nice being this close to all of our friends. I feel like we see someone almost every day. It so nice being around all of our church friends. It makes babysitting, D-group, or staying up late after a festival so much easier because we know that we are just down the street from the house at all times.

Babysitting Halle one night. Macy LOVED having a friend to play with all night. ((insert baby fever here))

Of course we had to have datenight with Macy's boyfriend our first weekend in the 'hood.

School is back in session! And it is my LAST YEAR in this Nurse Practitioner program. My 4th year. Holy Moly it seems like I have been in grad school for an eternity. I am at clinicals 2 days a week and my oh my this first week was EXHAUSTING! It is definiretly a new role I have to learn to be in and my brain isn't quite conditioned for it yet. Plus I worked and had class this week so today I am *stoked* to have the day off with my little babe.

Feeling "official" in my long white lab coat. =)


This man. Sometimes I just have to brag! I always talk about how cute and amazing my sweet little Janie Girl is but I rarely give credit where credit is due- to my hubby! He is seriously the glue that holds us all together. He pretty much single handedly moved our entire house himself (he did the moving, I did the unpacking), is the sweetest most precious daddy in the whole world, and spoils me undeservedly. I am a lucky lucky girl! And so is Macy.

Date night last week. Handsome man!

Have a great weekend everyone! We are having garage sale tomorrow... wish us luck!

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