Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On the Move

The Regals are on the move! After months of prayer and discussion, this spring Kyle and I decided to put our house on the market. We currently live downtown in a 2 bedroom townhouse. The perfect first home... Right in the middle of the action and manageble for first time home owners. But clearly not our "forever home". Once I found out what my schedule was going to be like the last year finishing up my Nurse Practitioner degree I realized that I would be committed to school 4 days a week. So that left me two options: work full time (and be gone 7 days a week) or back off work and focus on school. I chose the latter, but not lightly. This meant we were going to be a one income family while I finished school. Selling our house was no the hard part, but the fact that we were going to be downsizing and possibly living in an apartment was hard to accept. I knew it would be worth it though because I would be able to spend time with Kyle and Macy. My ultimate priority.

We originally planned on living in an apartment as renting a house seemed too expensive. I was super bummed about this. It felt like we were "taking a step back", even though I ultimately knew it was for our future. If we rent we could live off one income plus put money away for a down payment on a house to buy after I graduate. Clearly this was all meant to be as God has cleared the path for us in this endeavor. First, we had an offer on our house within 24 hours of putting it on the market. Wahoo! Second, we wouldn't have to close until the end of the summer, which left us one last summer to enjoy living downtown. Also, we found a house in the perfect neighborhood! We are going to be moving to Broad Ripple, which is only 15 minutes north of downtown, and is packed full of young families, culture, art, and local restaurants. The house is within walking distance to many yummy places and we have several friends with kids in the area, as well as the Monon trail that I can run on or we can go on family bike rides on it as well. The house itself is an old bungalow, only 2 bedroom 1 bath, but it has a dry basement for storage and a fenced in backyard that Macy will be able to play in. AND it's about $100 cheaper per month than the apartment we were looking at! I truly could not have asked for a better option (well maybe a dishwasher, but beggars can't be choosers!)

It all seems surreal as we are currently in the thick of it all. This was the first house we bought together 4 years ago, the home we came to after our honeymoon to start our lives together. Where we put together Macy's nursery and made so many memories. But I am definitely looking forward to this next step in our lives. I definitely feel blessed that it all worked out so well.

Where it all began....

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