Monday, October 28, 2013

Life Lately

Things have been a changin' around the Regal household once again. I completed my first 2 clinical rotations this semester and am now at a different location, on different days. It took about 2 weeks for everyone to adjust to my new schedule, but I think things are finally back on track.

Macy is now 17 months as of October 24, and boy has she been growing/developing/learning every single day! I finally transitioned her into taking one nap a day, which was feat. She was taking 2 two hour naps but they were starting to get sporadic and she was showing signs that she was ready to go down to one. We lay her down at 1pm every day now and she usually sleeps for 3 hours, waking up around 4. When we first started her on one nap she was only sleeping 1.5hrs so it was rough on us all. Luckily she got the hang of it in about 3 or 4 days. After mourning the loss of her morning nap, I've actually learned to love her new schedule too. We can get a lot done in the mornings/early afternoons and still have time after her nap to do things too. She is also sleeping in later, until around 8:30, every morning now. It has been SO nice. We lay her down around 8pm so she is getting a solid 12-12.5hrs each night. She likes her sleep like her momma! I'm going to write a post all about her after her 18 month check up.

Even though I have mentioned before that I am a summer girl, we have welcomed fall with open arms and have tons of fun adventures. I love living these experiences through the eyes of a child. It makes every time of the year that much more fun!

I was SO excited that it was jean jacket weather. Too cute!

First time carving a pumpkin. She loved the guts!

Pumpkin carving assembly line at my brother's house.

I opted to decorate fake pumpkins. Seems more fiscally responsible to me :)
I am still only working one day a week which has been so nice. It is such a privilege to focus on school and being a mommy.

A typical week for me looks like this:
Monday: OFF! We go grocery shopping, get the car washed, etc
Tuesday: Women's clinic clinical at the VA 8a-4p and community group in the evening
Wednesday: School from 10-12, homework after until Kyle and Macy get home
Thursday: Work 6a-2:30p, pick up Macy and discipleship group in the evening
Friday: Women's clinic clinical at the VA 8a-4p

I do my best to try and get school work done in the off hours that Kyle and Macy aren't home. Sometimes I have to work at night, but it hasn't been too bad. I love everything I am learning this semester and wish my brain was more like a sponge so I can soak it all in!

One of my favorite fall traditions so far  has been going to a pumpkin patch. Let's be honest, the only reason I wanted to go was to get a cute family picture. We never buy pumpkins there because they are outrageously expensive at those places! It is fun to walk around, and the day we went was absolutely GORGEOUS.

Apple cider.. check! Kettle corn... check! This girl was in heaven!
My friend Betsy got this family shot on her FIRST try! I couldn't believe it. I can count the number of pictures that we are all looking at the camera on one hand. It was seriously a MIRACLE!

The cliche pumpkin patch family picture.
Having a busy body at home with me has made me realize I too have become a busy body. I get cabin fever so bad so we are constantly making trips out of the house to the park, mall play place, or wherever little Miss can get her energy out. We are all better people that way. Being bored at home is not good for anyone's soul. I have a hard time thinking of new ways to keep her interested. One thing she has loved lately was to color on paper with pencils/markers. Any moms out there have any other ideas to entertain a 17 month old?

Sometimes I can't handle the cuteness.
I have quickly realized that parenting is all about living and learning and here is an example of a recent parent fail: While at our friends' house I opened up a Reese's cup to eat and Macy quickly asked to try it. After the first bite her eyes opened widely and she said YUMMMM really loud. I caved and just let her eat the rest of it because it was so cute to watch her experience the chocolatey goodness. About half an hour later she found another one and begged to eat it. Because we were still waiting for dinner to be ready I, once again, caved and let her eat another WHOLE one. In about 30 minutes my child was coo coo bananas and was going BONKERS. She didn't eat a bite of her dinner and screamed nonsense for about an hour. Whoops. So note to self, don't let your child eat 2 whole Reese's cups on an empty stomach. =)

Cup numero dos. Before the crazyness began

Overall, life lately has been a blast. I love being a mom and I love being a student too. Macy is at such a fun age and I am amazed at how quickly she learns new things every single day. Her personality is so sweet- outgoing with a touch of sass. She is so much like me its scary. Thank goodness she has her daddy's blue eyes and dimples.
Rocking some Halloween gear at church this week

Favorite thing about fall? Sweaters and boots for sure!


  1. Loved reading this post and Macy's CUTE outfits!!! I'm jealous of your fall weather. We live in MS and it's 80 degrees today! :) I can't wait to read her 18 month post next month.