Friday, December 6, 2013

18 Months of Macy

Although I often neglect this blog, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to document this special time in Macy's life. She is officially 18 months now, a year and a half! She is such a fun age and she is really starting to understand words, commands, and is becoming a good communicator herself. We are the best of friends and I love how much she loves me. She chooses to sit on my lap, hug me, kiss me, and wants me to hold her verses me doing it for her because she is a baby. I love how she will grab a book then walk over and cuddle in my lap -it's truly the best! She is so smart and catches on to things instantly. It is amazing! I am always in awe over how quickly she learns things and how advanced she is at this age.

Macy at her 18 month checkup - Her pediatrician said she was perfect!

Weight: 25lbs (50th percentile)
Height: 35" 

Once again Macy is off the growth chart in the height department. She is so tall and I have no idea where she gets it from!
Diaper Size: 4
Clothing Size: 24m or 2T
My big girl- I found her in her room reading to herself one day. Love!
Feeding: My good eater has proven herself to be picky at times now. She went through an eating regression starting about a month or so ago where she barely ate ANYTHING at all the whole entire day. I have learned she would much rather snack than eat a legit meal in her high chair. I'm torn if this is a good or bad thing. I need to do some more research on it. The way our kitchen is set up she has direct access to the pantry which can be bad. She think she runs the show in our house, including the kitchen. She will open the pantry or fridge and grab food or a bag of shredded cheese and demand to eat it. I literally have to hide food from her.

Eggs with cheese are still a staple breakfast item
Sleeping: As always, no complaints in this department. We are officially rocking one nap a day, at some point after lunch. If we are lucky she will sleep 3 hours, most of the time it closer to 2. She goes to bed sometime between 7:30-8 and wakes up around 8:30 every morning. Homegirl loves to sleep. If you tell her that it is nap time or night-night time she will drop whatever she is doing, say "Nigh Nigh!" and lean in for a kiss. Such a weirdo. I am certain this is not the norm, and our next child will probably hate sleep, but this is by far the easiest department for us. Honestly, I really attribute that to consistent schedules from the time she was born and following the Babywise method. For any moms with difficult sleepers at any age- give it a shot! Everyone I've ever known SWEARS by it! (including me)

A little tea time before bed one night
Milestones: So many to count! Her language development and word recognition is probably her biggest milestone right now. She started saying more words right after her first birthday but it seems like every day now she learns something new. A lot of words that she says aren't perfect, but I can definitely tell what she is saying. I have flash cards I use with her and I am amazed everyday at how good she is. I started off with a few at a time using simple pictures (cat, dog, cow, sock, shoe) and add a few every time. Even if she can't say the word she can pick out the image, like I say "Macy where's the square?" She will grab the card with a square on it. She mastered her animal sounds a few months ago and loves when she finds a picture of an animal- she will excitedly point to it and say "moo! cow!" Her pediatrician made me feel good at her checkup and said she is very smart and above the learning curve with the amount of words she knows. Just like we say, "cute like daddy, smart like mommy!"

Cuddled up on mommy's lap after nap time
Loves: By far her favorite thing in the world is our iPad. She is obsessed. It started with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse addiction that turned in to anything Disney Jr and fun apps addiction. It is seriously amazing how well she can control it. She pushes the center button, swipes the slide bar, and browses each screen until she finds the app she wants. She will watch a little Doc McStuffins and when she is bored with that she will get out of that app and start playing Peekaboo Barn, or Talking Tom, or wordcat, etc. She would play on it 24/7 which I obviously do not allow but if she sees it in the room she will throw a conniption fit until she can have it. So we have to keep it out of sight/out of mind for her. She also loves to color and its the cutest thing ever. She lays on the floor on her tummy and doodles away like a 12 year old. We still give her a paci at night and with naps. When she wakes up I say, "lets put paci away" and before bed I'll tell her to go get it. She gets really excited when it is time to get it but otherwise she doesn't think about it at all.

Color time with daddy
Dislikes: Not getting her way. She has mastered the pouty lip and temper tantrums, which started when she was about 16 months. She would much rather be down walking around exploring than being held or in her stroller/grocery cart which can make simple tasks and errands difficult. She has a pretty quick recovery time when she doesn't get her way but she has no problem letting you know when she isn't happy.

Perfect example of the pouty lip
Adventures: We celebrated Halloween and her first trick or treating experience, went on her longest road trip to date to see my grandparents for Thanksgiving (6 hours) and her future BFF was born!

Visiting my sweet Meme in Tennessee.
What we couldn't live without: Necessities to make our life easy include: goldfish crackers, her iPad, and her Bunny/paci/sound machine for night time. Otherwise she is a golden goose.
Love her to pieces!

Sweet Baby Kate, Macy's cousin/future BFF 

Macy had to crawl up on her Aunt Sass' lap after she had Miss Kate

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