Friday, January 8, 2016

24 weeks with baby #2

If I can find one "good thing" about this whole experience during this pregnancy, it would be that I have been able to see the baby much more often through routine ultrasounds. Last week I went in for my 24 week US (24w5d technically) to check out the baby and the fibroid. My sweet little man looked perfect in size and was super active. Is it weird to think a picture through ultrasound is cute, because I totally do. The fibroid has grown again, now 14 cm. Still not affecting the baby, so at this point no worries on my end.

Handsome little guy

Overall I have been feeling well. Just huge. Like so huge. Like how I felt at 35+ weeks with Macy. The fibroid has caused my uterus to be so much larger than what would be considered normal, therefore I look (and obviously feel) so much further along than I really am. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I get comments about my size or how I look like I'm "about to pop".  And when I do share my due date the response I always get is "are you sure there aren't 2 in there?" "that is one big baby". Honestly it doesn't bother me that people say it, I mean I DO look like I am about to pop. I am trying to stay as active as possible and only time will tell how I will continue to feel as I grow and grow. I am still seeing a chiropractor weekly which is helping for the most part, however today as I write this I am having a lot pain when walking. But hoping that will resolve quickly after my appointment this week.

That belly though

As far as prepping for the baby- zero things have been done. Still. Ok not zero.. I did order a monogram sign for the wall and a personalized baby blanket for Mr. Jack Hudson Regal. Swoon. And I got a few clothes from Old Navy at their after Christmas sale, but nothing that is going to really get us anywhere. We have a crib, just not in our house, and I scored a free crib mattress off our swaparoo site. I need to sit down and really think through what was necessary those first few weeks. Otherwise I can pick up things slowly as needed.

Macy continues to be super excited to be a big sister. She will randomly say, "Mom! We need diapers for our baby" or something alike. Not going to lie... I am kind of obsessed with her. She has the best personality and is so fun to be around. She is so out going and funny. Of course she has her moments like any 3 year old does, but for the most part she is such a joy. She listens well and is reasonable to talk to. Disciplining her usually includes a stern talking but no more. This past weekend she was a flower girl for the first time and she OWNED that role. I mean I knew she would do fine, but she really made a splash when she ran out of petals half way through, requiring the brides brothers to follow her down the aisle the whole way to continue replenishing her stock. So funny and a moment I will never forget. She also would not leave the dance floor the entire reception (sound like anyone you know?) Any time you ask her what her favorite part of the wedding was she will say the "dancing floor".  I can't wait to see her as a big sister.
Now picking out her own outfits
Dancing with daddy all night long
The most precious flower girl

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