Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A run for my money.

So much to update. So little time.
28 weeks, hello third trimester!
The last two weeks have been super eventful for me and the babe. Just before my 28 week ultrasound I did my routine one hour glucose tolerance test, only to find out I failed it. Boo-hiss. I did not have any issues with this the first time around with Macy. I was instructed to repeat the 3-hour test but let's be honest, ain't no body got time for that, so it had to wait until the next week. Last Tuesday I had my US and the babe looked great. And get this, the fibroid was SMALLER. And it had "shifted" up towards the top of my uterus. The US technician, whom has done all of my previous ones and knows my history quite well, kept saying "hmm this is odd." But you know what, the Lord provides! It doesn't mean I am totally in the clear as these final weeks approach, but the baby seems to be winning the fight for space. Speaking the little mister, he was actually measuring BIG at 32 weeks all around. In fact, they even moved up my estimated due date to April 5 (from April 14). As happy as I was to hear he is thriving in there, my gut told me that this probably wasn't going to fair well with my next glucose tolerance test.

The next day I sucked it up and completed that awful thing. I mean, who asks a pregnant woman to fast ALL morning and only give them headache and nausea inducing sugar syrup? Ugh, the worst. Well anyhoo, I got a call last Thursday with results that I once again failed. But, like I had mentioned, I kind of already knew in my gut so I wasn't surprised. Being in the position I am in in healthcare, I was able to have my physician make a phone call to a friend, and I was seen by an endocrinologist that afternoon. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to be seen until the end of the month, which is ridiculous considering this directly affects the baby!

My new best friend, aka my glucometer. We hang out 4 times a day.
Well this has been fun. Is it over yet? I tell you what... last month I cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion due to excruciating back pain, feeling like I would never be normal again. Happy to report that seems to be well managed now. But now I have a new adventure I am embarking on. I think I will write a whole separate post about the gestational diabetes because there is a lot to say! I hate to complain because pregnancy is such a gift. But for real, this boy better not be as much trouble out of body as he has been in it! Either way, April can't come soon enough because I am ready to meet this little guy!

HILARIOUS. This thing is way too uncomfortable to wear, but I did get a kick out of how huge it made me look.
The ONE thing I wanted to get accomplished before the baby came- Macy able to buckle herself in her carseat. Wahoo, done!

Bathroom shot while I waiting for my blood draws. Tunics and leggings all day every day.

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