Thursday, March 3, 2016

GD: How it's going

Well it has been 1 month since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I'm happy to say it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had my 4 week follow up with the endocrinologist yesterday, and he was so happy with how things looked, I don't need to see him again until after the baby arrives. Which means no insulin for me- an answered prayer for sure! I still have to regularly check my blood sugar levels and inform him if something changes, but I am thinking that shouldn't be an issue.

It took a few days of researching good meal plans/snacks/lots of label reading in the stores, but once the foundational work was done, the rest has been easy. I am checking a fasting blood sugar when I wake and up and 1 hr after each meal. I am eating a morning and mid afternoon snack. I try to stick to no more than 30g of carbs at any given time. I have really been focused on high protein meals as well. I am not counting calories or worrying about fat grams, so bring on the extra cheese! (a new concept for me) If there is any silver lining to all of this, its that I haven't gained any weight this month, in fact I've actually lost 3lbs. Having to watch what I eat and not letting this pregnancy be an excuse to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, has been a blessing. I am really hoping to hold on to these good habits post partum, since diet has always been my downfall in my weight loss efforts. Always.

Examples of what I am eating:
Breakfast: Low carb english muffin with eggs and cheese. If I'm feeling fancy I'll add bacon and/or avocado. If I am running late I'll just eat a protein bar.
Morning snack: Low sugar greek yogurt, fruit and cheese, or PB and apple
Lunch: Grilled chicken salads, low carb wraps, or leftovers from the night prior
Afternoon snack: Cottage cheese with tomatoes, almonds and cheese, or PB and celery
Dinner: Spaghetti squash, bun-less turkey burgers, sausage and peppers, or something boring like chicken and veggies

It really hasn't been bad. I have eaten about a jar of PB a week. No kidding. And I don't hate it. At night before bed I typically have a sugar free popsicle to feel like I am getting SOMEthing "sweet" in for the day. It works =)

These seem to be the best bang for my buck as far as high protein low carb. Taste is SO-SO but they do the trick!
Tuna salad with egg whites and greek yogurt to up my protein. Served with Trader Joe's plantain chips
Cottage cheese, tomatoes and avocado. With my FAVE no calorie drink
Swapped out my usual chai tea latte for an unsweetened green tea.
Out to eat at Red Robin, Their lettuce bun did not disappoint!

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