Thursday, June 16, 2016

2 Months of Jack Hudson

June 12, 2016

Weight: 12.1 lbs (57%)

Height: 23.75" (73%)

Diaper Size: 1 

Clothing Size: 0-3 and 3 months


Feeding: Eating every 3-4 hours during the day. Mostly nursing, though takes the occasional bottle if we are out and about. I have been much better about pumping this time around and have quite the stash building in our deep freezer. Eats 6-7 times per day. 

Sleeping: As always, we do our best to follow the eat/wake sleep cycle per Babywise. He still struggles with napping during the day. He falls asleep but doesn't always stay asleep until his next feeding. A lot of time he wakes after an hour then spends an hour rotating between fussing/sleeping until I get him up for his next feeding. He only naps swaddled in his crib. He is doing well at night. We do a bath every evening followed by a little lotion massage. He eats around 7:30 and then goes down in his crib for the night. I dream feed him around 10ish and he will sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours followed by another 4. Only having to wake once in the middle of the night is a total game changer. I am considering dropping the dream feed but can't decide if he is ready or not. He doesn't like to sleep anywhere but his crib or out and about in his car seat. I got a Lillie baby carrier and he will at nap in there or our arms in the evenings which is definitely a must otherwise he is a fussy Gus in the evenings! 
Loves his swaddle

Milestones: Lots of smiles! My favorite :) He makes eye contact and lights up when he sees me first thing in the morning and occasionally through out the day. Starting to coo but not super often. Rolls over from tummy to back during tummy time about half the time. Tolerates tummy time much better than his sister did. Just now starting to bat at his toys on his playmat.

Loves: Not much has changed since last month: walks in the stroller, being held. He is super calm during bath time. His play mat.  

Dislikes: Being in his carseat when its not moving, aka stop signs, traffic and red lights (will wake from a deep sleep to cry), getting dressed after his bath. No longer takes a paci and will gag if offered.

Adventures: Not a ton this month. We like to lay low during the week when its just the two of us and typically are out and about the days big sister is home.

That chin!! Not his best angle, this picture had me cracking up!

What we couldn't live without: Swaddles, sound machine, his bunny.

Swaddled and snuggled up next to his bunny

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