Wednesday, August 17, 2016

4 Months of Jack Hudson

Weight: 13.8 lbs according to our home scale

Height: 25" per home measurement
I literally sit and stare at this picture all day. I am OBSESSED!
Diaper Size: Still squeezing in those size 1s. Seriously looking forward to our last package being gone so we can move up to size 2.

Clothing Size: Anywhere between 3-6 months

Twinning with dad!
Feeding: Nursing/taking a bottle every 3 hours during the day, with a total of 5 per day (which actually ends up averaging less than 3 hr intervals). Taking 5 oz bottles for the sitter and nurses anywhere between 10-45 minutes. Longest nursing session still right before bed.

Happy boy after a feeding
Sleeping: Still doing great here! Nurses last around 7 pm and will sleep until 7:30-8 am. Loves his nighttime sleep! Naps still only OK. Longest nap is in the morning, up to 2 hrs. The rest of the day he sleeps about 45 minutes per nap. Swaddled with one arm out this month, getting ready to wean him completely!

Sweet baby boy!
Milestones: So many! Officially rolling over from back to stomach. Does it a lot, and then gets mad when he's stuck on his stomach. I will roll him back to his back but he immediately rolls back to his stomach, starting the cycle over again! He has also found his feet and loves to grab his toes. In the beginning of the month he starting sucking on his hands/wrists and towards the end he is now sucking on his fingers.

Hands in his mouth 24/7
Spending lots of time on his belly now that he is rolling over so much
Loves: Sleeping at night. Playing on the floor. Bath time is still his fave. Snuggling his bunny when he is tired. Being held out foreword facing.

So happy in his bathtub, grabbing on his toes
Dislikes: Hates riding the car. Screams the whole time and very rarely falls asleep in his carseat any more.

Stays so content in this thing!
Adventures: First trip to the State Fair. Swimming in the pool.

At the fair, fan on and fingers in his mouth. He did great the whole time!
Hanging out at the pool with Uncle Drew and daddy
What we couldn't live without: Bunny, small toys that are easy to grab, bouncy seat.

All in all, we are loving 4 months! He has pretty much grown out of being a fussy/needy newborn. He is happy and smiling 90% of time. He still prefers to be held, or to be engaged with smiles and talking. He is rarely fussy, usually only if tired. Our evenings seem to be getting better and we are actually all eating together at the kitchen table again. And earlier today I got this text from his sitter which really made me feel good, especially since she has taken care of so many babies in the past!

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