Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Months of Jack Hudson

September 12, 2016

Weight: 15 lbs

Height: Not sure!

Diaper Size: 2

Clothing Size: Very few 3-6 month things, mostly 6 months. Broke out a few 9 month sleepers which are still a little long

Feeding: Nursing or taking 6 oz bottles of pumped milk every 3 hours during the day. After his 4 month check up we went ahead and started rice cereal per the recommendation of his pediatrician. I had read (and was planning to) not to start cereal until 6 months but my pediatrician said that A) he went from 60% to 20% in weight so now was a good time, and B) that if you wait too long they're more likely to have an aversion to the texture. Well Brother loved the cereal right away! He gets anxious between bites and cries when its over. He has also tried pureed peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. We started putting him in his highchair at dinner time right when he turned 4 months, even to just sit while we ate and it has been such a nice change! We are finally eating all together at the table again instead of taking turns holding him.

Working on holding his bottle by himself
Sleeping: Still sleeping great at night, anywhere between 12-13 hrs consistently. Naps are hit or miss, but I have just come to terms that he isn't a great napper and that takes the stress out of it. He typically goes down around 9am and sleeps anywhere from 1-2 hrs (his best nap of the day) then lays down 2 more times, ranging anywhere between 30-60 minutes. This next month I plan on transitioning him from the eat/wake/sleep cycle to 2 naps a day.

Milestones: So much rolling! Sleeping on his belly at night. Starting cereal and purees.

First night trying cereal. All smiles.
Loves: His jumper! For most of the month we would lay him on his back on a blanket with toys but by the end of the month he was immediately rolling over on his tummy and would get mad about it, so now most of his play time is spent in the jumper. He loves watching what is going on, especially his noisy sister. He struggles nursing because he wants to turn and see what everyone is doing. He is putting any and everything in his mouth so he is loving on light weight toys that he can easily chew on.

Playtime in his crib with Sissy while I put laundry away
Dislikes: His carseat. Being startled by loud noises. Strangers when he first wakes up. Macy in his face smothering him.

He loves snuggling up on daddy's chest. Never does this with me.
Adventures: I was looking back through pictures from this month, and sadly not many! But every day is adventure with this sweet boy and his sister-sue!

Stylin' at Ellie's birthday party

What we couldn't live without: Toys for him to put in his mouth, his jumper, Lillie Baby carrier, sound machine. Drool bibs... his shirts are soaked at the end of each day!

His happy place.

He continues to be such a joy. He has turned out to be a really easy going baby- thank goodness!  He is only fussy when he is tired. He has slept through the night since he as 10 weeks old. He has the best smile and laugh and I still pinch myself sometimes when I think, "how did we get so lucky". I always tell people I am obsessed with him, because I am! He is so sweet and the perfect addition to our family. I remember LOVING Macy at 5 months so I have been looking forward to this time for awhile. And it has not disappointed me!

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