Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 27: 3D Ultrasound and Nursery furniture

Week 27 is here and it is fabulous! One week closer to meeting our precious little girl. One week bigger (both her and me!). I am definitely starting to experience some new pregnancy symptoms. Most notably: every time, every single time, I stand up after sitting down for more than 5 minutes I have to pee. It never fails. Which is terribly inconvenient at work. I am constantly having to ask another nurse to watch my patient so I can run to the bathroom. I have also been struggling to get comfortable at night. I am a back or stomach sleeper. Which happens to be terrible positions for pregnant women. Awesome. I know there is an option for a body pillow, but I don't see how that would even fit in our bed! Between my husband and my cat, I am already pushed for space in our queen bed. Oh the joys of getting bigger!

Here is baby Regal at exactly 27 weeks. She has her right hand up by her face but you can see her full cheeks and massive lips. I'm in love already!
Another exciting milestone at week 27 is that the nursery furniture has been purchased! My step dad Kevin offered to buy our furniture for us, which was SUCH a huge blessing! He even picked out the crib himself, I was impressed! We decided to go with all white furniture, I think it will look great against those pretty blue walls.

The crib:

We also got this changing table/organizer:
And this tall dresser:

I can't wait for it to come in so we (Kyle) can put it together! It is only a matter time before a sweet baby girl will be sleeping in that crib!

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