Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 Months of Macy

Last week marked Week 8 of Miss Macy's life, and today marks Month 2! I remember hearing that at week 6, you really start to notice a difference -and that couldn't be more true! I even see a huge difference between weeks 6 and 8. Macy is much more social, I am guaranteed smiles and coo's after each feeding and she is also pretty predictable now. I am really beginning to figure out what each cry means, and how to set a schedule that works for both her and me. Of course, it is still a learning process, but I am feeling more and more confident.
The doctor once again said "she is perfect!"

2 Month Stats
Weight: 11 pounds 12 ounces (50th percentile)

Height: 23 1/2inches (95th percentile)

Clothing size: 0-3 months and 3 months. I've noticed some of the 0-3 month clothing is a little short on her. 

Diaper size: 1

Feeding: She is a great eater! I have been blessed in that nursing has been super easy. Since the day I brought her home she knew what to do. I am not a fan of pumping so if we are out and about and I need to give her a bottle we usually just give her formula. She is a champ with that too -she takes whatever we give her with out any issues. I have noticed though that she seems to stay fuller longer when she nurses vs. taking a bottle of formula.

Milestones: Extended sleep! Finally! Literally this week she has finally started extending her sleep hours, and I pray that it continues. Sunday night she made it almost 7 hours, last night 6.5. I am ready to put her in her room, so this extended sleeping is going to make it so much better!
Also- I'm loving her communication skills. Lots of smiles and flirting. Melts my heart.

Loves: Still loves being held, rocked, talked to. 

Dislikes: Getting over tired. Something I try to avoid because once we've reached that stage, there is no turning back. My happy baby turns into a fussy baby quickly! She also doesn't love tummy time, but we are working on it.

Adventures: Baptism! At our church they perform infant baptism, which was new to me as I grew up in a Baptist household. It is a sign of commitment as her parents and as the church that we will raise Macy in a Christian household, teaching her the gospel, and praying that one day she will receive Jesus. It doesn't mean that since she is baptized now she will go to heaven. She still has to make that personal conversion, but it is a sweet way to promise our child that we will raise her to have a heart for the Lord. 
Our Pastor, Corey, praying for Macy
What we couldn't live with out: The Swing! We weren't going to buy one -we already had a bouncy seat and thought that a swing would just take up too much room. My little brother actually bought her one though and it has been a lifesaver! She still doesn't like to take naps in her crib during the day so most of her naps are taken in her swing -which is fine by me! It allows me some freedom and it is good for her too because she needs a good nap during the day. She still loves her paci and hair bows too! ;)

A size comparison from month 1

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