Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A day in the life

I want to capture what my life looks like right now as a new mommy, full time nurse, and part time student. I've seen this type of post on several blogs before and I thought it would be neat to write one, especially to be able to look back at it one day. To do "A day in the life" properly, I need 2 seperate days. One of what a day looks like when I am home, and one when I am working.

A day I am working (every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday):

6am- Kyle's alarm goes off, I am typically annoyed and keep my eyes closed pretending to be sleeping. He"quietly" gets up and gets dressed and heads off to the gym/work.

6:45am- My alarm goes off. Wasn't it just 6am? I quickly get dressed in scrubs (so glad I don't have to pick out an outfit) and do my hair/makeup. At this time I usually hear Kim, our sitter, let herself in and get settled downstairs.

7am- Macy starts to stir and I go in her room to wake her up/ feed her. I quickly nurse her then Kim comes upstairs to burp her and get her dressed for the day.

7:30am- I grab a bite to eat (usually peanut butter on a slice of bread) and head out the door for work. I only have a 10 minute commute which I love! I have to get there a little early so I change in to OR scrubs.

8:00am- Clock in and take care of patients for the next 10-12 hours.

8:30pm- Get home. Macy may or may not already be down for the night. I eat a small dinner and cuddle with the hubby on the couch watching TV.

10:30pm- Get Macy from her crib and do a quick "dream feed". (Hoping to drop these soon!)

10:45-11pm- Pass out in bed! Say our prayers, kiss each other, and never look back.

A day at home with the babe:

6am- Once again, Kyle's alarm goes off and I am wishing it wasn't. I need to sleep!

7am-ish-Macy starts making noises in her crib that wake me up. I usually let her lay awake for at least 10 minutes in the morning so she can get used to entertaining herself in her crib. I am still drifting in and out of sleep at this pont.

7:30am- Go get her up, change her diaper, and bring her in to my bed to play for a little bit, while mommy struggles to keep her eyes open. She usually just lays there and talks to herself for awhile.

8am- Feed the babe. Get her dressed for the day, get myself dressed as well. Typically yoga pants and a tshirt. Who have I got to impress?

8-10am- Bring Macy downstairs and put her on her playmat. Give her tons of toy options and make myself some breakfast. (Usually a bowl of cereal) Once she gets bored on her playmat I get on the floor with her and we work on her rolling and sitting up skills. Once she starts to get fussy I know play time is over.

10-10:30am- Lay Macy in her crib for her morning nap.

10:30-12p- I try to catch up on homework and housework while Macy sleeps. Lately I've been avoiding my treadmill workouts that I used to do at this time. Once everything is cleaned and accomplished I usually veg out on the couch watching TV until Little Miss wakes up.

12p- Macy wakes up from her nap and I feed her again. If we have errands to run this is usually when we do. Or we go on a walk, or we just do some of the same things we did earlier this morning. Play on the floor and work on our exercies.

3p- Macy finally is worn out and goes back down in her crib for a nap. This nap is usually shorter.

4p- She is back up and ready to eat. I feed the babe and Daddy usually gets home around 5. We all hang out, talk about what we want to do for dinner and lounge around, catching up on each other's day.

6ish- Macy lays down for another shorter nap. Kyle and I make a final decision on dinner, which usually requires him going out to pick something up (like Qdoba or Subway)

7p- Like clockwork she's back up and ready to eat. I feed Macy cereal and nurse her, give her a bath and put her in her jammies. Then more play time to wear her out.

8:30ish- Macy starts to get fussy so we lay her down in her crib and then watch some TV and relax. I will make lunch for the next work day and clean bottles/breast pump stuff, pick up all her toys, and any other sutff laying around the house.

10pm- Go upstairs and get ready for bed. Teeth brushed, jams on, lay in bed for a little bit struggling to keep to my eyes open. Like I mentioned before, hopefully we can wean the dream feed soon.

10:30- Get Macy and bring her in our room for a dream feed. Kyle is most likely asleep by now so that doesn't help. Lay her down right away afterwards.

11ish-pm- Crawl back in bed, wake up Kyle for our nightly prayer and quickly fall asleep! Zzzzzzz!

There it is. A day in the life.

After going over our typical day when I am home, I realize there is definitely room for improvement! My two biggest imporvements would be to work out while Macy takes her long morning nap. And to make dinner while she takes her evening nap. I never know what to make, therefor to don't know what to buy at the grocery, therefor don't have anything in the house when it comes time to fix something. Looks like I'll be going to the grocery this weekend!

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