Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Shamrock Run

Signing up for fun races is such good motivation to get my booty off the couch and work out. The Shamrock Run downtown Indianapolis is actual 4 miles, which was a fun challenge, especially since the furthest I've ran since I have been back to working out is 3 miles. Actually to think of it, I am pretty sure I have  not ran more than 3 miles in over 2 years!

I only ran 3 times to prep for the race -but all of my other workouts have helped tremendously! Between spinning and HIIT workouts on the treadmill my pace and endurance have endured vastly- even better than what I was running before I had Macy... Yay!

My brother Tracy signed up with us, and since we also did the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving together, we've decided to make it our mission to run a race on every holiday! Seems like a great tradition to me.

The city was buzzing with green attire, silly outfits, and plenty of green beer and Irish music to go around. Great motivation/distraction to keep me going for the 4 miles. My friends Janet and Lisa also did the race and I was excited to have some running buddies because Kyle and my brother both are much MUCH faster than me. Kyle ran in less than 32 minutes- crazy town! I came in at exactly 40 minutes, which was good for me! When I first started running after Macy my pace was around 11:15. So to run at 10min/mil for 40 minutes is definitely an improvement.

Kyle and I with my brother, Tracy, before the Drumstick Dash -love our new tradition!

3 of us ready for the Shamrock Run

The hubs and I right before we started

The crazy packed start line

About 2.5 miles in. I loved running towards the city.

After the race fun! We did it!

Auntie Carol stayed behind to hang out with Macy girl while we ran

Our Midtown friends that ran it too.

Next up: Race for the Cure and thinking about doing the Women's Half Marathon!

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