Friday, February 7, 2014

20 Months of Macy

Time for another update! Even though I am worlds. worst. blogger. I can't pass up the opportunity to log more milestones to look back at one day. I hardly call myself a "blogger" though. I just see this more as a tool to document fun times in our lives and have an online journal of sorts to look back through. Case in point: I spent about an hour the other night before bed reading all about my days with a newborn. Seriously, it was as if a stranger had written it. I seriously can't hardly remember that finite time in my life. The late nights, continual nursing, winging it every day pretending I knew what I was doing with a precious new life. It is crazy to think how different things are now than they were even just a year and a half ago.

Now I have a 20 month old. ((After 2 years I will NOT refer to her in 'months', I promise)). Honestly, when most strangers ask how old she is I just reply "almost 2" or "she will be 2 in May". Lets be honest, non-mommy's don't know what 20 months mean.

Anyways. Here's a little recap on 20 months of Macy!

Having fun in the nursery at the gym
I am not sure how tall she is or her official weight, but I think for once she is finally slowing down in the height department. It seemed like for so long we had to buy her new clothes to accommodate her weed-like growth spurts but she's been a solid 24m-2t size since early fall. She still weighs anywhere from 25-27lbs and I know this because she loves to weigh herself (unlike her momma!)

One of her favorite places- The Children's Museum
She can still be a picky eater but for the most part she does a good job. I have really been strict with her amount of snacking through out the day and that seems to help her eat larger meals at meal time. She is still a champion sleeper as always. Averages 12-14hrs at night. Naps seem to be more inconsistent recently. She was taking 2-3hr naps each day but recently they have more like 1.5hrs. I am hoping its only a phase! Although she seems rested the rest of the day and doesn't act cranky when she gets a shorter nap. (I am just the one gets cranky, I guess).

At the Gymboree Play and Learn Class
I took her to a Gymboree Play and Learn class because I really want to hone in on her physical activity. She has always been advanced in this early (started walking at 9 months, running by 10!). She loves to climb on stuff and seems to be really coordinated. My dream would be to start her in an actual gymnastics class asap but I know she is still a little young for that. The only problem right now is that I only have one day off during the week and it has been hard to commit that day to a little gym class for her. I will reevaluate it towards the end of the semester when most of my clinical hours are completed. Hoping then I will have a little more time to devote to a class like that for her.

Helping mommy get ready
Macy is definitely a momma's girl through and through. I am by far her favorite person and I can't lie, I love it. There is nothing better than the sweet innocent love of a child. She is my little shadow during the day and is so interested in what I am doing. I have had to be creative when I am getting ready so I brought a dining room chair in the bathroom and she loved it. At dinner it can be tricky when I am handling hot pans and she is climbing up my leg insisting on seeing whats going on. That's where Netflix cartoons or the iPad have come to save me. She still LOVES the iPad but we've really been limiting her access to it. It was making her a beast when she couldn't have it.

She has been good about her time in the gym and church nurseries. I would say about 85% of the time she will gladly walk in and play with her friends. The other times you would think she thought we were torturing and were never going to return. Who knows why it can be so hit or miss. Luckily those are times are more rare than the good times.
Macy with her friend Taylor at a mall play date
By far, Macy's most favorite thing in the world is to go down a slide. Then climb the stairs and go down again. And again. And again. No matter where we are, the mall, the Children's museum, she can spend hours going up and down the slide. I seriously wanted to get one for inside our house so bad but the hubs vetoed that idea stat. Dang it. But WE WILL have one this summer in our yard!!

Visiting daddy at work 
I would say the biggest changes between 18 months and 20 months would be her language. She is saying more 3 word sentences (like her famous "ready, set, go!"). She loves to "sing" her ABCs and count to 10. Most of the time its 1,2,3,8,9,11. I am not sure where the other numbers go but that's ok. She will get there eventually. She says a LOT of words, but in her own way. As advanced as she has been in other areas, I can tell her language will come slowly. If you ask her to repeat something she will (when she feels like it) but it never sounds exactly like its supposed to. I can tell each week though that it gets better and better so I am sure with time she will get there. Before we know she will be talking up a storm non-stop, I am sure of it!

I love this stage of our lives. Having a full blown toddler rocking our world's every day! She is the best!

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