Thursday, March 27, 2014

Countdown to 2

The countdown to 2 is officially on. Otherwise known as "22 Months of Macy." I remember this time last year going all crazy trying to plan Macy's first birthday party and mourning the loss of my "baby". The thought of Macy turning 2 does not make me as emotional as it did when she turned 1. She is such a big girl, so smart and funny, that in my mind she's practically an adolescent (with the attitude to match at times).

I know I sound like a broken record, but this age is SO MUCH FUN! It truly just gets better and better. Watching her grow and learn right before my eyes every single day is truly the most joyful aspect in my life.

At 22 months she:

-Is still tall, but I think she has finally slowed down. There for awhile she was growing like a weed. She has solidly been in 24m-2t clothes since last fall
My tall girl
-Is a decent eater. Some days I can't feed her enough, others she snacks on small things all day and won't eat a real meal. She still loves her fruits and veggies but would give her right arm for a "treat". We have a box of fruity Tic Tacs laying around the house that we let her have on rare occasion. That way it is portion-controlled and she doesn't get too hopped up on sugar.

Eating her favorite- Chick Fil A!
-Is still a great sleeper. She loves to go to sleep. Naps or bedtime, she truly enjoys it and smiles when I tell her it is time. She takes one nap per day, typically 1p-4p, and sleeps 8p-8a at night. She has been known to be the No Nap Ninja on occasion,  but thankfully it is rare.

-Is in the middle of weaning the paci. At 1 we took it away except for nap or night time, but we weren't SUPER strict about it. (Well I was, but the hubby not so much). Now there is a STRICT rule and even her Nanny is on board. This summer she will begin daycare and the thought of her taking a paci to daycare grosses me out. Who knows how many mouths it will end up in! So, here soon we will take paci away at nap time, then eventually nighttime. 

- Is currently obsessed with: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, bubbles, coloring, playing chase, horsey rides, our kitty-cat, being outside, and the girl could go up and down the slide all day long. Once the weather cooperates we will spend very little time inside, I can guarantee that. 

Luckily we have AWESOME parks in our area!
-Sings all day long. When I have watched shows like American Idol in the past and contestants would say "I've been singing since I was 2", I always thought -yeah right! But seriously, she sings all day long. Mostly to the car radio and loves her ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and her most recent obsession is Wheels on the Bus. 

Mesmerized by bubbles at Gymboree Play Place
-Hates the word No. Lately she cries every single time we tell her no, which is new. And she doesn't have a good recovery time -the crying fits can last up to 10 minutes! She is really learning to push the boundaries even when we do tell her no. So we are trying to learn proper and effective ways to discipline an almost-2-year-old.

-Did SO GOOD on our trip to Texas this month! When we went over Christmas she was super clingy and kind of a grump. I prayed for weeks that she would be her sweet silly self and thankfully God answered that prayer. She adjusted so well and loved all the time she got to be outside. It warmed my heart to see how excited she was to see everyone, she is finally at the age where she remembers people. She couldn't get enough of her Papa, Nana, Bubba, and Tay Tay!

My dad and Macy have a special bond. They were inseparable all week!
-Can count to her "teens". She can clearly count 1-12 then just says "teen", "teen", "teen". I have about a thousand videos of her counting because it's so dang cute. And she counts down 3,2,1 often too. Sometimes she gets confused and counts 1,2,3,4,3,2,1. Once again, I find that adorable. 

-Knows all her basic shapes and colors. Square, triangle, circle, star, and heart. Rectangles are squares and ovals are circles, and I'm ok with that. She loves to draw a (very squiggly) circle and point it out. Colors she's mastered include red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. She can also recognize most of the letters.

In her element. That smile lights up my world!
-Is my little parrot. She repeats EVERYTHING, and for the first time I feel like she is repeating it correctly. She has always mimicked what we said, but more so the cadence. Now she repeats the actual words and phrases. Most sentences are limited to 3-4 words. "Here I am!" "Where'd you go?" "I do it" etc. 

-Is such a girly-girl. Loves shoes, tutus, wearing her momma's jewelry, and anything sparkly.

-Has the memory of an elephant. If we play one silly game she will remember it and want to do the exact same thing days later, sitting in the exact same spot. You can't pull anything past her. She seriously remembers EVERYTHING. This could get us in trouble!

I love this picture so much! My best friends in the whole world (who I am lucky enough to call family).

As I was getting Macy out of the bath the other night, I wrapped her up in her towel and she leaned in and gave me the biggest wet kiss followed by sweet innocent giggles. And I just thought, wow, is she really mine? Being a parent is hard. My needs always have to come last and I learn as I go. But there is no greater joy than the love you feel for your child. I pray every night for wisdom on how to show Macy grace and mercy like Jesus does. This season of life is so sweet, and even though it can be hectic -my house is a mess, there is always school work to be done, and laundry to be put away- I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Jesus, Kyle, Macy. What more could a girl need? :)

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