Tuesday, October 27, 2015

15 weeks, my little thumb sucker

I had my 15 week ultrasound done last week and I am happy to report the baby looked great! It was measuring right on track and was super active kicking around and even sucking it's thumb! I was blown away how much the baby has developed over the past 4 weeks. Seriously such a miracle. Even at 15 weeks this baby is a little human and precious life! I was hoping to get a sneak peak at the gender, but the ultra sound tech said it was still too early to tell. Whomp whomp. This was my first abdominal ultrasound and I decided to take Macy with me. I have been too nervous to take her up until now because I have always had this feeling I was going to find out bad news. I woke up totally intending on dropping her off at school that morning but she looked and me and said she didn't want to go, and I just felt so guilty. So I decided to trust God that everything was going to be fine and let her come with me- which was so fun! She absolutely loved getting to see the baby and I think it finally made it so much more real for her. The fibroid measured 11.5 x 10 cm. Holy smokes. Although it measured bigger, since it was my first abdominal ultrasound I am hoping it is about the same size. PRAYING it doesn't get any bigger! I am still not sure how this is all going to pan out, but once again, God is bigger than this fibroid and I know I have many who are praying for me and those who have already laid hands on my belly and told it to stop in Jesus' name! (You know who are you).

I am definitely feeling so much better. If I wasn't so huge I think I would actually start feeling like a normal human being again. My belly has grown so fast that it has been really uncomfortable everywhere, mostly my back. I have started going to see a chiropractor in hopes I can control the back pain as I continue to grow. I wasn't this big until I was about 24 weeks. Let me (sarcastically) say how excited I am to see how huge I am going to get (crying tears). But seriously just feel blessed to be able to carry this baby and know all the hard work will come after the baby has safely arrived!

I know this sounds crazy, but by the profile I feel like "it" looks like a "he"!
Little thumb sucker at 15 weeks, blew me away!
Bathroom selfie at work. Hi, I am huge. 

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