Thursday, October 15, 2015

8 weeks with baby #2

(written September 9, 2015)
At 7 weeks I was able to go in for an early ultrasound due to my history of fibroid. Good news was that the baby measured right on track and the heartbeat was strong at 120 bmp. yay! Bad news was the my fibroid has continued to grow, now measuring almost 9 cm (around 4 inches) which is huge. I left the office feeling almost worse than I did going in, even though the baby looked great so far. I, like any normal human being, went straight to internet and read online boards and boards of horrific experiences women have had with large fibroids during pregnancy. Some of the things I read, but not limited to, included excruciating pain when the fibroid eventually "degenerates" or dies off from lack of blood supply -I'm talking hospitalizations hooked up to IV narcotics-, preterm labor, emergency C-section, and miscarriage. Now, before I even got pregnant, my OB assured me that the size and placement of my fibroid should not cause me any issues. I have to remind myself that over and over again. I will go for another ultrasound on Sept 24 to reevaluate the baby and fibroid and will see my doctor at that time. If everything checks out then, I will feel so much better about everything and can officially make my news public. I keep thinking of cute ways to reveal, but have nothing set in stone. In the mean time, boy has this pregnancy been different. 
I do not remember being this tired before, or have I just forgotten? I mean I am miserable. I can't accomplish anything around the house. Getting up, taking care of myself and Macy is about as much as I can do in a day. No house work, no cooking, no cleaning. Definitely no exercising- which is a bum because that is something I really wanted to stay on top of this time. I am hopeful here in a few weeks I will be able to keep it up again. We got a treadmill and that will help, especially through the winter months. I have also been so nauseous with the worst food aversions. Basically all I want to eat is carbs. Bagel for breakfast, crackers for snack, sandwich for lunch, you get the idea. This, along with my inactivity up to this point, is not going to fair well for me in the long run. Hoping once I get through these first few weeks of complete misery I can start eating better and working out. My parenting game is also pretty weak right now. Luckily Macy has been pretty good about entertaining herself, and sad to say, there has been more Netflix played than ever. But you know, you do what you gotta do. I wont let myself feel guilty about that- I am growing a human for goodness sake! 

Overall this pregnancy  has been 100% different than the last. It was planned, I have this fibroid, I feel terrible, I have a 3 year old at home to take care of. But, I feel so blessed to be feeling bad, because that means my body is busy making a baby! I can't wait to see what the next US and follow up brings. Until then, saltines and ginger ale it is!

I popped IMMEDIATELY, I can thank my fibroid for that one

This belly filled out fast. I was in awe how quickly my body changed this time.

A parenting win! Dual quiet times- a must!!

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