Tuesday, May 17, 2016

1 month of Jack Hudson

May 12,  2016

Weight: 10lbs* (48%)
 *what the what? I was shocked, sooo big! But to be fair, he was dressed and had soiled diaper. But still.

Height: 21.75 inches (45%)


Diaper Size: Newborns, though we just opened our last package so he will be in 1s any day.

Clothing Size: Still in newborn, but some of his outfits/sleepers are a little short for him. He's still swimming in size 0-3 months though. I can't wait until he gets a little bigger because he's had some cah-ute summer clothes! 


Feeding: Pretty much eating every 3 hours on the dot around the clock. Nurses well with out issue. He has also taken several bottles of pumped milk like a champ. Can't decide if he likes a paci. Uses it mostly during the day at nap time, otherwise we don't offer and he doesn't seem to mind. I can tell he is either going to be a finger or thumb sucker once he is coordinated to do so.

Sleeping: Still inconsistent in this department. I'm TRYING to instil the eat/wake/sleep cycle, which for the most part he follows. However, he is a horrible napper during the day. He will fall asleep but not stay asleep so there is a lot of intervening with the paci/rocking/shushing. He does well at night, he goes down right away and stays asleep, however he is still waking up every 3 hours to eat. We've gotten a few 4-5 hour stretches but nothing consistent quite yet. For the first 4 weeks he slept in his rock and play. He has been in his room since his first week home (he was in our room about 4-5 nights, I can't remember exactly). He is now in his crib at night and takes naps in either his crib or rock and play. His best naps are in his car seat when we are out and about or the occasional nap in my arms.  

Sweet swaddled baby in his crib at nap time. 

Milestones: Being born! Lost his umbilical cord when he was 12 days old and had his first bath with big sister that evening. Sleeping in his crib (we didn't move Macy until she was 10 weeks old!). He is also starting to give some social smiles and hold eye contact longer. 

First bath with sister!
Loves: Long car rides, walks in the stroller. Being held. 

Dislikes: Taking naps, getting dressed after bath time, diaper changes.

Adventures: A ton! We have been on the go since the day we got home from the hospital. We went to the zoo on his 1 week birthday, and have been back a few times since. He's been out to eat countless times, to church, and a couple birthday parties. Of course, he has slept through basically all of it but he was there!
First day back at church when Jack was 2.5 weeks old. Macy proudly wore her "big sister" shirt.

What we couldn't live without: Swaddles, gas drops, paci, sound machine 

Macy is OBSESSED with her baby brother!
What a first month! As cliche as this sounds, I literally can't remember what life was like before little brother came along. The first two weeks were pure bliss. I was running off adrenaline and just so freaking happy to not be pregnant anymore (because we all know I HATED being pregnant). He was also the easiest baby ever and sleeping like a champ. He was only waking up once a night around 3am and was a sleepy newborn during they day. At exactly his 2 week mark, things changed. He was much more awake during the day and also woke up every 3 hours at night to eat. I wasn't good with making myself rest or take naps and by week 3 I was riding shotgun on the struggle bus. The exhaustion and physical/emotional fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks. I was weepy and frustrated for about a week. Kyle was so good and always aware of my needs. He took the 10 pm and 2 am feedings for me a couple nights and that allowed me to catch back up and get to ground zero. Jack also gave me a few nights in a row of extended sleep so that really helped too. To be honest, I can't remember a thing about what life was like when Macy was a newborn. Was it this hard? Was I this tired? I thrive so much on structure (a high "J" for all you Myers Briggs fans) so life with an unpredictable newborn is not easy. It is hard work, but I have to remind myself this is my sole "job" right now. I have to help him learn to nap and sleep well. Eventually he will get the hang of it, just like Macy did. Even so, having a new baby is just the sweetest thing and he couldn't be loved any more!

I could stare at this photo all day!!

How I'm spending my maternity leave.
Trying to clean my closet out with my little helper. It only took me 10 hours to complete. 

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