Thursday, January 12, 2012

Halfway point- 20 weeks!

I can't believe it! This week marks week TWENTY. When did that happen, and will the next 20 weeks go this fast?? Every day that passes the pregnancy seems more real and real, and between the growing belly, changes to the house, etc, the Regals are officially getting ready for this baby girl.

This week I had my "big" 20 week ultrasound. They did an anatomy screen, starting at the head, and worked their way down all the way to the toes. My favorite part was when the ultrasound tech looked at her mouth she pointed out that the baby was swallowing, then when she got to her belly and the baby's stomach was full of fluid, and when she listened to the heart beat we could tell that the baby was hiccuping -ADORABLE.

We also found out that Baby Girl is measuring on the bigger side. Her head measured 21wks5dys and her belly 21wks2dys. I asked the ultrasound tech what that meant, and she said - looks like you have a chubby baby! Which I am totally fine with :) As long as she is healthy!

We finished moving out all of the furniture in the nursery and sold our fireplace too! It is officially a blank canvas to work with now. This weekend Kyle and I are going to go to look at furniture, supplies, etc to get an idea of pricing and what we like. It's crazy to think we will start registering soon! My first shower is in the beginning of March... I can't wait!!

I heard that once you hit week 20 you kind of "pop" out... and that is exactly what happened. I was so lucky to have a generous friend/previous coworker that let me borrow a huge bin of super cute maternity clothes. Until now I have just been making my current clothes work, but they are definitely starting to get a little uncomfortable! Another "first" this week was when a patient's father of mine looked at me, down at my belly, and asked, "is this your first?" I was kind of surprised, because I feel like I am not showing that much in scrubs yet, but apparently I am. I proudly said "Yes!" and thought, gee I hope I don't get that question asked AFTER maternity leave :-/

20 weeks

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