Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nursery Inspirations

Working on the nursery has proven to be a fun yet stressful experience. We have family coming in to town in early March and we would like to have as much done as possible before then. Also, after talking to my good friend that is 36 weeks pregnant, she suggested doing as MUCH work now as possible. She warned me that once you get to the third trimester energy levels plummet so I want to use all this energy I have right now!

We bought paint yesterday, an exciting step. We decided to forgo the typical pink walls and do something a little different -Blue! The color is actually a light aqua blue and is beeeeautiful. Another important part of our nursery is a painting done by my very good family friend, Teresa. She painted my mom the most beautiful painting and after my mom passed away Teresa made sure I got it. It is definitely the inspiration for our room. I love it so much!

I found this picture of a little girl's room on Pinterest and knew right away this is what I wanted. The color of the walls, the pretty colors, simple and modern. We do not plan on doing the tree, but have not ruled out something fun to do on the walls.

*Now my biggest challenge is finding those curtains... I LOVE THEM!

The next picture I found is from Pottery Barn Kids. Once again, love the wall color, and I love the bedding set. It is SO expensive though. I have thought about just purchasing the dust ruffle and bumper pad though, making it more affordable. The polka dot sheet is my least favorite part of the set.

PB Kids:

After seeing the awesome PBK bedset I actually found this picture on Pinterst used in a real space. I loved the blue walls in contrast with the brown chair so much that we actually got one! (a brown chair that is). We ordered the most amazing rocker/glider/recliner from Buy Buy Baby. It is a Best Chairs brand, made in Indiana, and something that will last a lifetime. Hopefully I wont have to spend too many nights in it, but it does lay all the way out in case I need to sleep in the nursery!

With all of the exciting changes, it is still hard to imagine what the room will actually look like, considering THIS is the current condition:

All prepped and ready for paint...

I will have to say, at least all of the bulky furniture is out and the walls aren't puke green any more. A step in the right direction! The painting should be done tonight, and hopefully we get furniture soon... fingers crossed!

Last but not least, a picture of what 22 weeks is looking like for me :)

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  1. Fun! Holden's bedding is Pottery Barn...but I opted to just get the bedskirt and the quilt. I ended up getting a sheet, too, because I couldn't resist...but sheets don't really can always go with a cheap, solid one (we have a couple of those for back-ups). We went with a breathable bumper from BRU (registered for it) due to the SIDS risk with the regular bumpers + the fact that it was so expensive! ;)