Thursday, January 5, 2012


The nesting process has officially begun! Because we live in a 2 bedroom townhouse, we have to do a lot of rearranging before we can start working on the baby's nursery. The first step is cleaning out our extra room in our finished basement (which is home to 2 desks, a sewing machine, old text books, blankets, laundry... basically anything that we don't know what to do with we put in there!). Once that is done we can move the furniture that is upstairs in our guest room down there to make it a livable suite for company. This is important to us as we know family will be wanting to come and stay once the baby is born. When that is done we can work on the nursery which will need painted, crown molding fixed, and then filled with all our goodies we get!

This week Kyle took a day off work to help me start the adventure. Thank goodness he did, because there is NO WAY I could have done it with out him. We had a "giveaway pile", a "sell" pile, a "recycle" pile" and lastly, my favorite, the "TRASH" pile. If it was up to me I would seriously just throw everything away. I feel like since I don't even remember what half the stuff is down there, who cares if I ever see it again? We ended up posting Kyle's old computer desk and chair as well as an Amish fireplace on Craigslist. What is an Amish fireplace and why do we have one, you ask? Good question! The previous owners sold this house to us with "2 fireplaces" which is quite hilarious considering one of them plugs in. It is actually kind of awesome, heats instantly, but it is currently in the nursery and we need room for other stuff!

If we had a bigger house I would consider keeping this beaut:

The only thing left now once those items are sold is to get the queen size bed that is in the guest room downstairs. One task I know I can't help with it. I am not on a lifting restriction but I do know my limits and taking a bed down 2 flights of stairs to the basement is just something I don't want to try. -And good thing I didn't! Because I am SO SORE today for all of yesterday's hard work! My back is the worst. I guess it is just not used to supporting the weight up front... Oh the joys of pregnancy :)

Once the bed is moved we will get to painting, and I am really excited about where we are going for the design of the nursery! More to come on that :)

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