Sunday, January 27, 2013

8 Months of Macy

Wow! Am I seriously writing her 8 month update? Can we please stop time, just for a little bit??

January 24, 2013

8 Month Stats

Weight: 20.8lbs (according to our home scale)
Height: Long. Tall. Will find out exact height next month at her check up.
My long baby!
Clothing size: 9-12 months. I'm doing my best to still squeeze her in her 9 month jammies until I find bigger ones and I actually skipped 12 month pants and bought some 18 month size pants- crazy!
Diaper size: 3
Nice big bruise on her forehead- a new staple. :-/
Feeding/Sleeping: Not much change here. Still taking 4 bottles a day and eating baby food 3 times a day. I have also started cutting up soft foods in tiny pieces (like bananas and avocados) and letting her figure out how to eat them in her high chair. It amazes me how quickly she picked up on it! She is still taking 2 2-hours naps a day, morning and afternoon, and sleeping from 7:30pm-7am at night. We did go through a rough week of bad sleeping when she was learning so many new things, but I have read that sleep regressions are completely normal when that happens.
Big girl learning how to use a sippy cup!

Milestones: Where do I begin? Last month I said Macy was 90% crawling and by the next day she was 100% crawling. By the next week she was pulling herself to a standing position. A few days later she was pulling herself up EVERYTHING (dressers, coffee tables, chairs, etc) and the crib mattress was lowered! I just can't believe how fast it all happened! Now she pulls herself up to a standing position and barely hangs on to something as she stands. I'm pretty sure she is going to be walking before her 1st birthday.
The BEST money I've spent lately was on this table from Chicco
Barely holding on!
A video of her playing on her table (it was sent to my dad, her Papa)
Loves: Homegirl is a talker! She can definitely make different sounds like "dah" "bah" "mah" "gah". Sometimes I feel like she is telling me off, lol. She also loves to laugh! She is so stinking cute and will "fake laugh" all the time to show off. She is also a fan of opening drawers and pulling everything out of them.
Caught in the act!
All baths are now in the kitchen sink- SO much easier!!
Dislikes: Not much to add here. Except that she doesn't like to be left alone in a room. She is a social butterfly!
Adventures: We laid pretty low this month. It is cold and we are still recovering from our big holiday travels. One new adventure would be spending more time in the nursery -she now goes once a week at the gym and once a week at church. I always get good reports that she was "perfect" the whole time and that "she is just the happiest baby". Makes my heart happy :)

What we couldn't live without: Still such a paci girl! I really want to start weaning her at 1 year so I will tell her "enjoy it now sweetie, only 4 more months of it!" Also still love my Beaba babycook to make her babyfood and the Chicco table.
Growing girl!!
And now for your viewing pleasure... a hilarious video of Macy and a lemon:

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