Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Texas Christmas

This Christmas was a very special for the Regals. Not only was it our sweet Macy Jane's first Christmas, but we got to spend it down in Dallas, TX with my family. My dad, step-mom Sandra and little brother and sister, Trevor (14) and Taylor (12), all live down there and I have been visiting TX for Christmas and summer breaks ever since I moved to Indiana when I was 6. As a product of divorced parents, I spent a lot of my time growing up in both Indiana and Texas, and have such a special place in my heart for that big ole state.

After we had Macy we knew there would be no question, we would want to spend her very first Christmas down there. All of my childhood memories regarding Christmas are revolved around being in Dallas, even before Trevor and Taylor were born. My dad and fam hasn't seen Macy since she was first born and it was the perfect time to get everyone together again. My brother TJ, who lives in Indianapolis, also flew down. It felt so nice to have everyone together!

We left super early at 6am the Thursday morning before Christmas. I was so nervous Macy was going to be "that baby" on our flight so I prayed and prayed that she would be good and that there would be no snafoos on the way down there. God definitely answered those prayers and everything went perfect. Better than I could have imagined. She was a little angel and the star of the flight down there. Thank you Jesus! People were either commenting on how good she was, or how cute she was. Both I agreed with :)
First flight of the day! (6:30am)

We all packed in my dad's house and Taylor went right to work as Macy's primary care giver. She made all of her bottles/food, gave her baths, picked out all of her outfits and matching bows, and even helped put her to bed every night. It was so sweet, a nice little break for Kyle and I.
Mace and Auntie Tay in their animal print jammies!
For mine and Kyle's Christmas gift, Taylor and Trevor paid for us to go to Jumpstreet- an indoor trampoline funzone. I loved it. Besides all of the crazy kids running around, it was a blast!

Feeling like a kid again at Jumpstreet

On Saturday night we met our good family friends out for an "adult night out". We had a really great steak dinner and went out to a piano bar. It was super fun and it was nice to have family right in town to babysit. A rare treat living so far away.

Night out with our friends Sean and Brandi

The next couple days were spent time with extended family, shopping for last minute gifts, and getting ready for Christmas. We even made a trip out to the Galleria for the famed picture by the Christmas tree.
First time meeting Santa! (The actual pic is much better!)

My sweet family of 3
The girls!
Love  my family!!
Christmas morning was so special. There is something about having a baby that makes times like this extra fun. Even though Macy thought it was just another day, it was so fun to watch her play with the paper, explore her new toys, and be around all of our family. I would have to say her favorite was crinkling the paper in her tiny hands and eating the tissue paper.

"Mom, what is all this stuff??"
Matching Jammies is a tradition!
Loved her new toy!

 It even snowed - which was a complete Christmas miracle! In my 27 years of winters in Texas, I have never seen it snow like that or stay on the ground like it did. Of course, my sister would not let me get away with observing from the window. I had to garb up and piece-meal together an outfit and head out in the fun.
Fun in the snow!
We had such a great time that when it was time to go my heart broke a little. There were definitely tears shed. It broke my heart that they will never get to see Macy in this stage of her life again. Best case scenario we make a trip this summer, but by then she will be a walking one year old. Good thing we have Facetime and Skype! Praise God for technology!

I am so proud of my little traveler. She adjusted so well and I am happy that I was blessed with such a sweet, happy easy going little thing. She definitely takes after her daddy in that sense ;)

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