Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Regal is a.....!!

We had another ultrasound scheduled this week with the study (New Moms 2 Be) and we knew we had the opportunity to find out the sex of the baby. As soon as we found out we were pregnant we knew that we were going to find out the sex. The plan going in to this appointment was to have the ultrasound tech find out the sex, but conceal it in envelope and we would open in on Christmas morning. As a way to save money this year, Kyle and I decided just to fill each other's stockings and for-go getting gifts. The idea of opening the envelope with our baby's gender would allow us to have something to forward to opening on Christmas morning.

Well.. that was the original plan. The days leading up to the ultrasound I had this strong feeling that I was having a boy. When I thought about the nursery, I thought about blues and greys, when I thought about names I kept thinking of boy names. Plus, almost everyone I know that is pregnant is having a girl, so I figured... law of nature.. I must be having a boy!

So when we got to our appointment I started telling Kyle that I knew it was a boy, so why wait. He was surprised, because waiting until Christmas was my idea to begin with. He asked me, "Are you sure you want to find out today?" and my reply was "There is no point in waiting until Christmas because I already KNOW!"

As soon as I hopped up on the table and the ultrasound tech placed the probe on my belly she said, "Do you want to find out" and I said "Yep, but I already know it is a boy" and she instantly said... "Oh honey, the baby is definitely a GIRL!"

I was SHOCKED! And so excited! And then kind of wished we would have waited, but my excitement of just knowing what we were having was all I could focus on. A sweet angel that would love accessories just as much as her mommy, a baby doll to dress up, a princess that would love her daddy just as much as I did. My heart just swelled with even more love for this baby as I thought about the times to come.

Before we found out I took every "gender prediction quiz" and read every old wives tale to see what I would having.

-The Chinese calender said girl, and we put a ring on a string above my belly, which went in a circle, which also means girl

*but* EVERY other sign was telling me boy!

-I crave salty snacks, I didn't have any morning sickness, I sleep on my left side, and the heart rate was less than 150

SO the moral of the story is that they are all a crack! There really is know what to know what you are having until an ultrasound.

Here are pics of our little princess!

Her Precious feet:

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