Tuesday, December 6, 2011

15 Week Stats

I went to the doctor yesterday for a (late) 14 week check up.. So my official 15 week check up stats are:

Weight gained: 6lbs ((yuck))
Baby's HR: 148 ((does this mean BOY???))
Issues: NONE! Dr. Lee was very happy with everything

But we did get Bloodwork....
Kyle and I decided to get the "Quad Screen" which tests for the risk of probability of a genetic disorder. It is NOT diagnostic, meaning that a "positive" result does not mean that the baby will necessarily have any problems. The test only looks for whether or not the baby is at high risk for one, and from there we could decide to do further testing. (Examples of disorders include spina bifida, down's syndrome, or other chromosomal abnormailities)

What does this mean for us? We are strong believers in God's will for us and that whatever health condition the baby has, we were meant to be the parents of him or her, no matter what. To us, terminating the pregnancy would not be an option. So why even take the test then? Good question! Most of you who know me know that I am a PLANNER. If our baby will have special needs, I just want to be prepared. I will not love that baby any less. But I would like to have resources available, study up on certain conditions, etc. It could also effect our work plans, childcare options, and so on. So being just prepared is the biggest reason we decided to take the test.

We have strong faith in God that He is making the perfect baby for Kyle and I to be parents to, and we are excited about that!

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