Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pregnancy Likes and Dislikes

I'm 4 months in! For some reason I was really looking forward to the 16 week mark. It just seemed like a "milestone" to me, and one I welcomed with open arms.

So far this whole experience has come with some definite likes and dislikes.

What I LIKE about pregnancy so far...

...Knowing that there is a baby in my belly! (a little general I know, but it is SO FUN!)

...Being spoiled now, even more, from my husband. Kyle has always waited on my every need but somehow he continues to outdo HIMSELF and make me feel so special!

...This growing belly:

...The pouring in of LOVE from so many people! Whether I am work, church, or out with friends people are always checking up on me. I am not going to lie, it's nice!

...Having a good excuse -for anything! An excuse to rest, or to "opt out" of doing something I really don't want to, or to leave somewhere early I really don't want to be... whatever. I have the ultimate trump card/good excuse. A definite advantage.

...The MYSTERY. As excited as we are to find out the gender, I like the mystery aspect of this little guy/gal. Who are they? What are they going to look like? Blonde or brown hair? What color eyes? It is so fun to imagine!

What I am NOT liking about being pregnant...

...There is stuff I miss. Like turkey sandwiches. Listeria? Really? And No, I do not want to warm my turkey up in the microwave first. I want a normal turkey sandwich! And a glass of wine. Ok, I know I can have a glass of wine.. so maybe those nights where I want 2 glasses, or 3!

...Feeling frumpy. As much as I love my growing belly, there are other places that are growing as well! Between a new job, new schedule, and overall fatigue working out has been put on the back burner. I am hoping that once I go back to working 3 days a week I will get back on a normal work out schedule... do some cardio/weight training, SOMETHING. I need some good prego DVDs to do at home!

...That constant feeling of "Is the baby ok?" I am always worrying about the baby, whether or not is developing appropriately, if it is going to have major issues. If what I am doing is hurting the baby.

..Fear of the unknown. One word...Childbirth. Ahhhh scares the you know what out of me. I've heard everything from "I only pushed for 5 minutes" to "I was in labor for 18 hours and when they lost the baby's heart rate I had to go for an emergency C-section". YIKES.

And for the most exciting part... We have an ultrasound on Thursday to find out the gender! More to come on that :)

Last but not least.... A picture of my 2 loves...


  1. I'd be that "I pushed for 5 minutes" gal.
    But mind you, I was ALSO the "I was in labor for 16 hours" with Tucker.
    Expect a longer labor since it's your first.
    As far as the turkey goes- I ate it. I think it's only a risk if you eat it like EVERY day. Every once in awhile is ok.

    Workouts- you will WANT/NEED to workout when you get further along- it will help you sleep! Promise!

    Can't wait to hear that you're having a girl! (Like I don't already know! :))

  2. Haha Brandi- I was totally referring to YOU too! Which is awesome, your Masen birth story, and maybe just maybe I'll get lucky ;)